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The Barranquilla who comments and narrates goals in Germany

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The fever that existed in Colombia for Juan Pablo Montoya between 2001 and 2006, infected Julieth González Therán. He was aware of Formula One, he got up early and stayed up late to see the valid ones and he did not lose track of the Bogota driver.

It was the confirmation of his affinity and passion for sports in the middle of his childhood. He already liked playing soccer with his friends near the Villa Andalucía residential complex, despite the fact that he was not well regarded in Barranquilla society at that time, and even his own relatives missed each other, mainly his parents, Gabriel González Méndez and Yasmina Therán Meneses.

“My mom and dad kept looking at me: ‘What are you doing? … You’re crazy.’ I did pineapple because we had a contest in the building’s parking lot, the one who did the most won. I spent it on that, and my mother worried ”, Julieth remembers with a laugh.

“Since I was little I wanted to be a footballer, but on the other hand I always liked to be in front of the public, I played to be a presenter, and the first sport that interested me was Formula One,” adds this Barranquilla who finished high school at Colegio La Miraculous Medal.

Don Gabriel wanted Julieth, his eldest daughter, to take the reins of his company, IAM Corp, and pushed her to study Mechatronics Engineering, something that was not in his young girl’s plans and fascination.

He reluctantly left his native Barranquilla and went to study at the Technological University of Bolívar. She endured five semesters in the career and institution that trained her father before throwing in the towel and taking the path that she really wanted and was passionate about. He began studying social communication and journalism at the same alma mater.


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