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The already powerful Caribbean offensive continues to add reinforcements

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Caribes de Anzoátegui closed the regular round with two consecutive defeats; but seven wins in his last 10 games to catapult him to his 12th consecutive standings, and also confirm the defending champion’s presence in Round Robin.

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Now, in terms of statistics, those led by Mike Álvarez were first in collective average (.299), second in on-base percentage (.376), Slugging (.457) and OPS (.833); behind Magellan in these three statistics; furthermore, they were the first to be scored (313), being the only offensive to exceed 300 stickers in this harvest; and they also commanded the circuit in brought to the plate (295), confirming themselves as one of the most complete and fearsome offensives of the tournament.

They were also Magellan guards in extra-bases (157 to 172), home runs (50 to 56), total pads (764 to 793) and doubles (99 to 103); which tells us about the offensive supremacy of both teams during the season and in the framework of this Round Robin.

“Balita” has progressed as a hitter

For his part, faithful to his philosophy, and with the pitching reinforced with the additions of Henry Centeno and Yohan Pino, another reinforcement arrives for an already powerful offensive that finished carburing in the last bars of the regular harvest, in the case of from Rafael “Toddler” Ortega, who comes off having his best season in the Major Leagues, registering a line of .291 / .360 / .463 / .823 with 86 hits, including 26 extra-base hits, in addition to 33 RBIs and OPS + of 120 in 330 plate appearances with the Chicago Cubs.

Similarly, “Balita” has become a dangerous hitter in Venezuela, especially in the last four contests with the Caribbean, where he has left a combined average of .293, on-base percentage of .396, Slugging of .437, OPS of .833, with nine homers, 71 RBIs, 120 runs scored and 55 extra-base hits.

In fact, since his arrival in the “tribe” for the 2016-17 season; He has the fifth-best OPS (.833) for players with more than 600 plate appearances for the Caribs.

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