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The almost perfect fairy tale by Fabienne Kocher

by archysport

«A perfect end to an unforgettable season», Writes Fabienne Kocher after successfully defending her title at the Swiss championships in the up to 52 kg category at the end of November.

In fact, the Riedikerin experienced a year full of emotions – and the pandemic-related postponement of the Olympic Games to 2021 played her in the cards.

At the last minute she overtook Evelyne Tschopp in qualification, her big competitor for the Swiss quota place, in this weight class.

The advice of the national coach

It is a scenario that seems unrealistic for a long time due to the lead of the experienced Basel bidder.

At the beginning of the year, national coach Alexej Budolin already gave Kocher a move not to focus on qualifying for the Olympics. His advice: You should simply have a top result at the World Championships in focus. Budolin’s words did not fail to have an effect.

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