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The 5 sports documentaries of 2021 that you cannot miss

by archysport

AAlthough many competitions have ended and many others are on hold for Christmas, sport does not rest. But we can continue to experience the excitement of our favorite discipline: Football, basketball, motorsport, tennis, boxing … through television and our devices. One of the platforms that has bet the most this year on sport is Amazon Prime Video, with documentaries that tell us what we do not know about the competition or what is behind the athletes we admire. These are some of the essentials made in the last year.

Rafa Nadal Academy

Reef Nadal opens the doors of your most personal project: The tennis academy that bears his name. It is the educational and high-performance center in which the Mallorcan tennis player trains, advises and guides the next figures in world tennis. The series tells how the school works through the eyes of the students: training sessions, tournaments, successes, failures, injuries … and they do it under the supervision of their willfulness.

Sainz, live to compete

The king of the engine has its own name: Carlos Sinz. Rallies were practically unknown in Spain until he arrived. In addition to being a pioneer, the Madrid driver is “a living legend”, as reflected in the title of the first chapter of the docuseries that reviews the career of the two-time world champion and three-time world champion. Dakar. Throughout six episodes, we learn about the challenges that Sinz, still active at 59, faces from day to day, details of his personal life, what is behind the races, how he began to nickname the matador, setbacks, accidents, recognitions … and a legacy that continues with his son Carlos in Formula 1.

Pau Gasol: The important thing is the trip

In 2021, Pau Gasol puts an end to a career that has led him to be recognized as the best Spanish basketball player to date. The last official match I played in the Tokyo Olympics. But getting there was not easy. The series tells from the inside about how his last active years were since in 2018 he suffered a scaphoid injury in his left foot that kept him away from the field for months. He could have retired at that point, but Gasol didn’t want to leave like that. During four chapters, we know how the recovery was, how he lived his last season in the NBA, the return to F.C Barcelona and how he got his last challenge: saying goodbye to the National Team at the Olympic Games.

Spanish Soccer Team, the strength of the group

If anyone has suffered the demands of the legacy of the golden generation, it is the senior soccer team. Casillas, Xavi, Iniesta, Ramos or Puyol are no longer there. Its shadow is elongated, but it is new Select it is above proper names. In a group of talents where group work prevails under the leadership of Luis Enrique. For more than a month, the cameras went into the heart of La Roja to discover the secrets of the costumes during the Euro 2020. The story told from within by the protagonists.

Wonder Legend: Triumph, Fall, Return

Turn for another active legend of the sport, in this case of boxing. Years after his retirement, the former champion returns to contest the world title. It’s not the Storyline of Rocky 6, it’s the story of Sergio “Wonder” Martnez, former superwlterweight and middleweight champion. But unlike Sylvester Stallone’s character, this is not a show match. This documentary shows what has motivated the return to the Argentine pgil, 46, and how he combines his new life as a businessman, promoter, coach, actor, stand-up commentator, with what really fills him: boxing.


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