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The 11 ideal of those who can negotiate free in Argentine soccer

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Many players end their contracts in June 2022, but as of January 1 they will be able to negotiate with other clubs: the most prominent.

The expectation for the 2022 season in the Argentinian soccer It is very high, especially in the previous one with everything that has to do with the pass market, the reinforcements, the exits. But the situation of the footballers who could be released and negotiate with other clubs as of January 1, since their respective contracts last until June.

Figures from Boca, River, Independent, Racing and more will finalize their contracts in the middle of next year and the proper names in question are players that any club in the local environment could wish to have on their roster. Then the once ideal of those who could be released (4-2-3-1).

Goalkeeper: Gastón Gómez (Racing)

Gago has already publicly confirmed that Racing will not go for a goalkeeper in this pass market. Given the injury to Arias, he will stay with Chila under the three sticks and will buy the pass from Matías Tagliamonte (on loan from Atlético Rafaela). This opens the door for him to keep his place in The Academy, although he will be able to negotiate with other clubs unless there is a proposal to renew the club where he was formed.

Gaston Chila Gomez

Right back: Fabricio Bustos (Independent)

The future of Bustos in Independiente is unknown. The side had proposals from abroad, but the leadership rejected all of them. Now, decided that he will not renew his contract and is on the radar of the Brazil International. Daniel Montenegro – a flaming sports advisor for the Avellaneda club – tries to convince Bustos to renew their bond. Meanwhile, the 25-year-old player wants to play abroad and is firm in his position not to extend his contract with the Avellaneda club.

Fabricio Bustos

Central defender: Nahuel Tenaglia (Workshops)

Boca would continue to be interested in adding Tenaglia as happened in the last two passing markets, but there would also be requirements from MLS and Europe for the Talleres player. Fassi has to reach an economic compensation agreement for the remainder of the player contract if he wants to retain him, but -as Mundo D found- He would no longer be willing to continue and thinks that he completed a cycle at the institution.


Central defender: Lautaro Giannetti (Vélez)

Pretended by both Boca and Racing. Currently, the defender is in full talks with Vélez to renew his contract and in Fortín they plan to offer him a juicy renovation that would make him the highest paid player on the squad. In the middle, there was already a call from Xeneize to internalize about his contract and claims.

Lautaro Giannetti

Left back: Eugenio Mena (Racing)

The Catholic University wanted the arrival of Mena and made him a formal offer to finalize his arrival, but Racing is not willing to negotiate the pass of the 33-year-old footballer with the trans-Andean institution that Libertadores 2022 will play, despite the fact that you are unhappy with your contract, due to the price of the dollar that he has in his salary. In this frame, It will depend on him if he wants to renew for a longer time with Racing.

Eugenio Mena (@RacingClub)

Midfielder: Rodrigo Aliendro (Colón)

Aliendro had great individual performances in the Columbus jersey and crowned him with the League Cup title against Racing in June. He did not have the same luck in the final of the Champions Trophy against River, although that was enough to win him interest of Estudiantes de La Plata, who knows his situation and welcomes staying with a player who could be key for Sabalero in the 2022 Copa Libertadores.

Aliendro Columbus

Midfielder: Bruno Zuculini (River)

What could be learned from the conversations that his representative had with the leadership that Jorge Brito now heads is that the numbers are far away. Although there is predisposition and optimism on both sides to reach an agreement, at the moment there is great caution and his future under the command of Marcelo Gallardo is uncertain.

Bruno Zuculini River

Right winger: Eduardo Salvio (Boca)

The two parties agree to continue the relationship. Thus, the question will happen simply because Boca makes the renewal offer effective, that the player analyzes it and decides whether to accept it or not. Beyond that, the truth is that Salvio wants to continue in the club of his loves.


Attacking midfielder: Benjamin Rollheiser (River)

Rollheiser He wishes to continue with the River shirt on and he let his representative know, but there were still no calls from the Millionaire leadership for informal conversations or negotiations. The first months of 2022 will be key for the forward’s continuity.

Benjamin Rollheiser

Left winger: Cristian Pavón

The talks have been going on for a while and have not yet reached a good port. In fact, at one point everything seemed to indicate that the forward would go free, with strong statements made by his father. The reality is that the idea of ​​emigrating still haunts the player’s head, but not everything has been said. Perhaps one option is to offer a renewal with a promise of almost immediate sale., to avoid the free departure of the footballer.

Cristian Pavon

Center forward: Lucas Gamba (Rosario Central)

Gamba overcame a muscle injury in Rosario Central and was sent to the pitch on the last date of the Professional League in order to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana. However, he fell 4-1 to Huracán and his aspirations collapsed. In the absence of international competition, the 34-year-old attacker will be able to negotiate his pass in January or renew with the Canalla.

Lucas Gamba

The probable 11 ideal of players who could trade since January

Gaston Gómez; Fabricio Busts, Nahuel Tenaglia, Lautaro Giannetti, Eugenio Men; Bruno Zuculini, Rodrigo Aliendro; Cristian Pavón, Benjamín Rollheiser, Eduardo Salvio; Lucas Gamba.

Who could make up the ideal 11 substitute bank

  • Alan Aguerre (Newell’s)
  • Bruno Pittón (San Lorenzo)
  • Fabrizio Angileri (River)
  • Federico Lértora (Columbus)
  • Andrés Roa (Independent)
  • Nahuel Barrios (San Lorenzo)
  • Tomás Badaloni (Godoy Cruz)

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