TGA 2021: ARC Raiders, Surprising First Gameplay Trailer for Former Battlefield Director’s Free-to-Play Original TPS

When Patrick Söderlund left DICE, lovers of Battlefield were waiting to know what was going to do with the iconic former manager of the Swedish team. And when he revealed he was melting Embark Studios to unveil a cooperative shooter game in free-to-play in a science fiction universe, many esgourdes have arisen.

But this is only good during Game Awards 2021 that we discovered this project teas for years, and again at the beginning of the week with the revelation of its final title: ARC Raiders. the TPS cooperative will oppose us toARC, an alien robotic threat forcing us to unite and resist in the face of the invader. Many tools and gadgets and various weapons will be there to help us, for clashes in open spaces that want to offer a dynamic different from the competition. A beautiful promise on paper, which we will discover on PC via Steam and theEpic Games Store, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S from 2022.

Engage yourself.
ARC Raiders is a third-person shooter in which you will have to resist as a team the attacks of ARC, a robotic threat coming straight from space.

You play as one of the Raiders, a group of resistance fighters. Using an improvised alarm system, you will have to defend your territory against a threat from elsewhere. Mysterious and ruthless, ARC has no shortage of responders. His response to resistance is simple: exponential destruction.

As a Raider, you know full well that aiming and shooting isn’t enough to defeat the ARC. What’s more, a single person trying to play the heroes won’t stand a chance. When the ARC is prowling around, lone wolves don’t make old bones.

In the face of a superior enemy, we must believe in a concept that transcends our own strength, a decidedly human concept. Because there is strength in unity. Because if we are all together in the face of a seemingly inevitable failure, the improbable may become our brightest ray of hope. So be ready and strategize, because sometimes you can’t help but improvise.

Immerse yourself in the heart of hostilities in a free-to-play world.
Explore the vestiges of the past. Wield tools and gadgets to defeat the enemy. Adapt your strategies according to your environment and your assets. If you cooperate, perhaps the stars, those forgotten vestiges, will one day become a beacon of hope.

Reimagine the third person shooter: picking the right ammo for your gun won’t be enough anymore. Immerse yourself in the heart of the action in battles that combine creativity and responsiveness.

Reimagine cooperation: robotic enemies are chasing you. Fight, dodge, and team up to overcome it.

If you like the work of Patrick Söderlund, you can get hold of Battlefield 1 for € 10.69 on

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