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Tension Within the Seahawks by Russell Wilson

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Seahawks figure wants to stay long

There is a difference between the messages that the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson about the future compared to multiple reports pointing to another possible conflicting offseason. Michael-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic reported that there are people within the Seahawks organization who believe that Wilson “no longer feels part of the team.”

Dugar did not specify whether these people include players, coaches or managers, but that is not a good sign anyway. Before the start of this season, Wilson received almost total support for his leadership style.

“I do not feel that things are like that (that he no longer feels part of the team) by Russ, I really do not think so”, Dugar detailed in the edition of the Podcast of Seahawks Man 2 Man December 27. “However, I have heard that there are people in the organization who do feel that, that Russ does not feel part of the team anymore. Will they have more information about the situation than I do because they work for the team and I don’t? It could be, I don’t know. I can’t know what’s going through their heads. I can only assume it, and I think it is remarkable that there are people more aware of the situation than I do who think that way.

“Like I said, it’s not that… I just don’t feel that way. But of the people who are more aware of the situation, it seems that some do think that way. And I think it’s more real than Chris or I think about all of this. “

The Seahawks could undergo “significant changes” in the near future, according to reporter

NFL Insider on the future of Russell Wilson in Seattle | CBS Sports HQJason La Canfora joins CBS Sports HQ with the latest on Russell Wilson’s future with the Seahawks and what it would mean for Pete Carroll. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: youtube.com/user/CBSSportsHQ FOLLOW US ON: Facebook – facebook.com/CBSSports/ Instagram – instagram.com/cbssportshq/ Twitter – twitter.com/CBSSportsHQ #SeattleSeahawks #RussellWilson2021-12-27T16:27:04Z

It would be a surprise if there were no changes during the offseason that included the coaching staff, managers or key players. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, believes Wilson’s trade rumors will resurface after the season.

“The possibility of a mega transfer is still very possible, given the problems between both parties. Some sources have also said that the organization could also undergo significant changes due to the crossroads the team is at, ”La Canfora detailed on December 26. “Sources have said that the owners are not happy with the results of the last seasons. While 70-year-old coach Pete Carroll, who has the final say on all things sports, has made it clear that the idea of ​​rebuilding the team without Wilson doesn’t appeal to him, the team has other players from high value to generate transfers that could generate a reconstruction that some members of the organization believe necessary ”.

REPORT: Some members of the Seahawks believe that Wilson is ‘not entirely dedicated to the team’

Seahawks Man 2 Man: Time For The Seahawks To RebuildSeattle’s loss to the Bears shows just how much this team needs a rebuild. But whose fault is that the Seahawks are at this point? Michael-Shawn and Christopher answer that question and many more regarding every angle of the Seahawks’ future from Russ to Pete Carroll to John Schneider to Jody Allen, Bobby Wagner, Quandre…2021-12-27T17:45:00Z

Dugar stressed that not everyone believes that Wilson “doesn’t feel like part of the team.” It still worries and appears to be a pending issue because of the way Wilson ranted his frustration in public during the offseason. And given the season the team is having, it is speculated that Wilson will not be quiet until the season is over.

“There are people within the organization who think, ‘I think number three is not entirely dedicated to the team,'” added Dugar. “Now if they are right or not, I don’t know, but I have never heard that. I’ve never heard that before, and I think it has to do with his performance. But I think it’s a mixture of his performance and that he almost left the team last offseason. It was not known what was going to happen to him.

“I think all of that helps people to think that. I don’t think he doesn’t feel like part of the team, but the fact that some do is worrying. That is another reason, another turning point. It’s another reason to think that this bond between Russ, John, and Pete can’t last. One of these has to go, even two of them. ”

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