Team contact sports will be restricted in schools

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Prime Minister Jean Castex announced new measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular on team sports in schools.

Prime Minister Jean Castex held a press conference this Monday early evening about new measures regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. “The virus is circulating in all territories and affects all categories of the population, he recalled. But we will not take any containment or curfew measures. “ It was one of the fears that could lead to difficulties for sport, especially amateur football.

Club sport will therefore not be affected by the new government measures. But children will still have some restrictions. “From Thursday, team sports with contact will be restricted in schools” said Jean Castex, as well as canteens or games during recreation breaks.

This may therefore pose problems for all the clubs that intervene in primary schools every week since the games will necessarily be limited for educators. This is the lesser evil because the activities of the clubs could very well have suffered from this new wave of Covid-19.

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