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Surprise: Martín Demichelis received a formal offer to direct in Argentine soccer

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Micho, 41, asked for a few days to respond

He currently directs in Bavaria Múnich II, the subsidiary of the Bavarian team, which plays in the fourth division of German football. In other words, he is just one step away from leading one of the most powerful casts in the world, where he was a player and is highly regarded. But nevertheless, Martin Demichelis received an offer from the Professional League that moved the structure.

Cordoba workshops contacted the 41-year-old former central marker to offer him the technical direction left vacant by the Cacique Alexander Medina, who emigrated to Inter de Porto Alegre. Micho asked until the first days of January to respond to the invitation.

“Huge thanks to the Cacique, renewing our challenges. We finished the successful work cycle of the coaching staff led by Alexander Medina ”, announced the T on December 23, when the Uruguayan had not yet signed his relationship with his new club. From there, the names of possible candidates began to emerge, taking into account that the chosen one will have the high bar, since the Matador reached the final of the Argentine Cup and qualified for the next Copa Libertadores.

The Córdoba media assure that Andrés Fassi, head of Workshops, is looking for a coach with “another profile”. Luis Zubeldia, Eduardo Domínguez and Matías Almeyda appear in folder. Jorge Almirón was also on the payroll, but he returned to Lanús. In this context, the Demichelis option emerged, a name with a strong impact due to its past and present.

In fact, the world runner-up in Brazil 2014 with the Argentine team It also appeared as an alternative in River Plate if finally Marcelo Gallardo chose to terminate his management. However, the Doll extended his relationship with the Millionaire until December 2022.

Well, we’ll have to see what moves Micho the most. If the possibility of taking his first step into the elite in Argentine soccer, and in a cast with aspirations and the window of Libertadores, or the chance to continue progressing at Bayern, an entity in which he celebrated 11 titles and from which knows its philosophy thoroughly. There is also the family focus: married to the model Evangelina Anderson, the couple has three children (Bastian, Emma and Lola), and the move would imply a radical change in routines and customs.

All this is in the balance of Martín Demichelis, whose name can come to rank the universe of the Professional League.


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