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Surprise! Coach Varaďa will leave Třinec, he will negotiate with the management in January

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The former successful striker has been the head coach of Třinec since 2017. He has twice led the Silesian team to triumph in the extra league and in the current season the Steelmakers are attacking the golden hat-trick. Varaďa is the most successful coach in club history.

“I will concentrate with Třinec for the rest of the season. I believe we have a good start and if we are healthy we will have a chance to get where we all want to be. It is true that I contacted the management and we will deal with it in some way during January, how it will all turn out, “Varaďa said after Tuesday ‘s loss in Hradec Králové 1: 5.

He did not want to specify the reasons yet. “I would ask for the leniency and in some way for the time this matter needs. I will personally comment on my blog tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, where I will reveal the cards a little more, but I will wait for the return of the club owner (Ján Moder), who should be in the first week of January.

“We are surprised that, despite a seven-year contract, we are now working together on the future of Václav Varadi in our organization, because he has decided to leave at the end of the season. Jan Czudek, vice-president of the club, on the club’s website. Varaďa signed a long-term contract with the club last April, last year.

In the event of leaving Třinec, Varaďa, a two-time world champion, could theoretically take over the senior national team from next season instead of Filip Pešán, whose contract ends after the World Cup and whose engagement with the national team is not very successful yet. In a recent interview with the daily Sport, Varaďa stated that he would like to train abroad.

The Steelmakers’ management believes that negotiations on Varad’s future will not affect the team’s results this season. Prior to today’s matches of the 36th round of the extra league, Třinec has an eight-point lead over the second Hradec Králové, on whose ice he will present himself. “We believe that he and the team are once again aiming to defend the extra-league title, and we are convinced that Václav Varaďa will do his best for the organization’s success in the current season,” said Czudek.

Varaďa announced his intentions to the management and the team. “I told the players the same day I told the management. How did they react? Of course they didn’t rejoice, but they needed to know the truth and know the reason before it got completely out,” Varada said.

Třinecký gunner Martin Růžička did not want to discuss the situation around the coach much. “I probably wouldn’t comment on that. We’re interested in winning this extra league for the third time in a row. Then I’d decide what’s next,” Růžička said.


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