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Success of the ‘VIII Clinic for Women and Badminton Bea Corrales’

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With the return of Christmas this 2021 also returned the ‘Beatriz Corrales Women’s and Badminton Clinic‘, which in its eighth edition took place on the days December 28 and 29 at the Juan Antonio Cuadrillero de Guadarrama Municipal Pavilion thanks to the support of the local City Council.

If the seventh edition of the Clinic Women and Badminton taught by the international player focused on the technical – tactical progression of the hits and reached more than 40 girls, this time they worked practical aspects in common and differences between the single and the female doubles, a theme that was widely accepted judging by the number of registered participants.

The Woman and Badminton Clinic, powered by the Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Badminton Federation and organized by the Badminton Club Caser Clear Madrid, is aimed at girls 12 years and older and with a license in force for the 2021 season and was taught by Beatriz Corrales, Bernardo Galmés Y Adrian Corrales in sessions from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. In this edition, the participants included players from more than a dozen locations, which made this edition of the Clinic one of the most complete in terms of national participation.

Bea Corrales highlighted of this new edition of ‘Clinic Women and Badminton‘”the attitude and the desire with which all the players come, to work the technique and enjoy on the court, adapting to the different levels of the participants and with the aim of improving and learning”.

Corrales considers that “the important thing is to give prominence to badminton and have opportunities like these to promote a sport that raises passions. In this Clinic the players and I have enjoyed too, learning from the role of coach, contributing concepts and some aspects that each one it can be brought back to your club and your training center for future improvement. “

The international player who trains at the CAR from Madrid notes that “from the smallest to the oldest all have given themselves to the maximum and highlights that since the sessions of this Clinic were doubled, the participants have wanted to come both days, to be able to have fun and learn through this sport” .

Personally, Corrales assures that “the desire that they transmit to me to want to learn and improve edition after edition is something that personally contributes to me a lot, because for me that is what life is about: to be able to help each other to improve, being good people inside and outside of the court, establishing those great values ​​that sport and, specifically, badminton give you, so that you can leave a better world “.

More information about the Beatriz Corrales Woman and Badminton Clinic.

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