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SSD ARCIDANO / 2021 ends positively for the club of president Marco Zedda who has joined the Cagliari Football Academy

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Really a 2021 to be framed for the ARCIDANO SSD which recently signed an important collaboration agreement with Cagliari Calcio. It provides for the Club’s entry into the network of member companies of the Cagliari Football Academy, the project aimed at children aged 6 to 12, which aims to allow the baby footballers to grow and be valued at their best already in their own club.

The affiliation will give life to a constant relationship with the Cagliari Calcio club, where training, comparison and growth will be the cornerstones of this wonderful project dedicated to our athletes. The goal of the ARCIDANO SSD in synergy with Cagliari Football Academy has both a sporting and a social value. If on the one hand Cagliari wants to represent the privileged way for young players who aspire to become professionals, on the other hand it intends to contribute to the growth of the majority of young athletes for whom sport must represent, first of all, an important “training ground. life”.

A sporting year full of news for the company with a new project that now takes another decisive step forward in terms of future projects. For the entire sporting season through Cagliari Football Academy the ARCIDANO SSD will share the best training and training methods, through seminars, meetings and training meetings for technicians and managers. The Academy will also undertake to grant young players and club instructors the opportunity to attend internships conducted by the technical staff of the Cagliari Football Academy and will invite them to participate in workshops, events, friendly matches and sports tournaments.

“We are very happy and proud to have reached an agreement with a prestigious club such as Cagliari Calcio, for us it is another step forward in our new project to grow our club” – said the president Marco Zedda. Of the same opinion the director of the youth sector Mauro Carta “I am very satisfied with this further possibility that the company has undertaken, we started with a new project and I am convinced that it can lead to further growth of youth football in Arcidano and in the countries of hinterland also because we have excellent facilities and you can work safely without pressure, with the collaboration of wonderful people and with a lot of enthusiasm starting from the parents of our children “

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