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Sport 2022: Ledecká goes to Beijing, football to Qatar and basketball to Prague

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As soon as the Tokyo Summer Olympics took place in 2021 and the Euro football spread across the “old” continent, both of which were postponed due to Covidid-19 in 2020, more events are underway for sports fans under five interconnected circles and more. football championship.

The Winter Olympics should start in Beijing on February 4. At the very end of 2022, FIFA timed the World Championships organized by Qatar. However, due to the local climatic conditions, the tournament will not take place in the summer, when the weather in this corner of the world is too warm. The goals will start falling on November 21 and we should know the new world champion just 6 days before Christmas Day.

Whether even the Czech national football team will keep the memories of Qatar under the tree will be decided in the March play-off, in which Schick, Souček et al. they had to defeat the Swedish team first and, if successful, of the Russia-Poland pair.

In 2022, the top events of basketball players and rowers will be closest to Czech sports fans. One of the groups of the Eurobasket tournament will take place at the beginning of September in Prague’s O2 arena, the World Rowing Championships will be welcomed by Račice on 18-25. September 2022.

Biden and NHL hockey players will not go to China

The location of gigantic sporting events in China and Qatar is causing a number of controversies. In the context of the People’s Republic of China, its communist regime is often criticized for trampling on basic human rights and tormenting members of the Uighur ethnic minority, who profess Islam, in “re-education” camps.

In connection with this, for example, US President Joe Biden has already announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. This means that the country’s political leaders will not go to China in connection with this sporting event. A similar attitude was presented, for example, by Japan, Australia and Canada. In the Czech Republic, the Senate, the upper house of the Parliament, called for such an approach in the autumn.

As for the sporting events in the Beijing Olympics, hockey fans were saddened before Christmas that, despite the original assumptions, hockey players from the Canadian-American NHL would not arrive. The reason is the covidu-19 pandemic.

At first, NHL hockey players feared that if they tested positive for covid, they could remain blocked in China for several weeks due to quarantine. In the end, it decided to spread the covid omicron mutation in North America. This led to the NHL’s Christmas break, which will cause the program to accumulate in this competition. And so, on the 22nd of December, the final decision was made that NHL hockey players would not go to China for the Olympic Games.

Without Pastrňák, but with Ledecká or Davidová

The Czech team will definitely miss David Pastrňák, Jakub Voráček and other stars in Beijing. Coach Filip Pešán will have to make do with players who work in European competitions, especially in the predominantly Russian KHL. Of course, the coaches of other teams, who originally counted on the NHL players, are in a similar situation.

The novelty is the fact that for the first time in history, two Czech hockey teams will score goals under five circles. In addition to men, Czech women, led by coach Tomáš Pacina, also managed to fight their way to Beijing. Hockey player Karolína Erbanová, who won bronze in speed skating at the Olympic Games in Korea four years ago, could also fit in the nomination.

Coach Petr Novák broke up with Erbanová, and he is now resolving his financial disputes with the speed skating association. At the Olympic Games, however, he will lead his most famous charges, Martina Sáblíková, into battle again. At the age of 34, the six-time Olympic medalist will try to expand her collection.

The biggest medal chances are attributed to Ester Ledecká. She defends the fascinating golden “harvest” of Pyongyang, where she triumphed in two different sports: in the ski Super G and also in the parallel giant slalom on snowboard.

Ledecká remains the queen of the discipline, especially on the “board”, but in the meantime she has also settled in the absolute top of the ski speed disciplines between the Olympic Games. She should also start in combination at the Olympic Games 2022.

Fans will also have high hopes for the new Czech biathlon star. Markéta Davidová is the reigning world champion in the endurance race, she will have medal ambitions in other disciplines as well. And one of her colleagues can also pleasantly surprise, whether in individual races or relays.

Czech snowboardcross champion Eva Samková was injured a few weeks before the Olympic Games, breaking both ankles.

Blatter’s “legacy”, World Cup at the end of the year

Like China, Qatar, the venue of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is provoking much controversy.

In connection with the assignment of World Cup 2018 to Russia and World Cup 2022 to Qatar, a major investigation has been launched within and outside FIFA, gradually revealing possible corruption that was probably associated with the assignment of these tournaments. Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s top official at the time, is still under investigation in this regard.

The allocation of the tournament to Qatar has also provoked debates about the date of the tournament. Due to climatic conditions, it was postponed to the end of the year, which breaks the schedules of national league competitions. In particular, the British media are constantly drawing attention to the high number of fatalities among wage workers from Bangladesh and other poor Asian countries. In Qatar, they are involved, among other things, in the construction of stadiums for the World Cup.

In addition to the home team in Qatar, teams from Germany, Denmark, Brazil, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Argentina have already qualified for the tournament. A total of 32 countries will start in the tournament.

The Czech Republic is among those who still retain a chance to advance. Thanks to his placement in the League of Nations, he got into a European playoff, which will be played by 12 countries and 3 of them will advance to the tournament. Los decided that coach Šilhavý’s team will play on March 24 in Sweden. If he succeeds, he will go to Russia or Poland a few days later. The play-off is played in a knock-out manner, always only for one match, without retaliation.

In addition to the national team, two Czech club representatives will compete in the Conference League in the spring. Slavia encounters Fenerbahce, Sparta on Partizan Belgrade. The opening matches are played on February 17, revenge a week later.

Eurobasket is rolling to Prague

In the Athlete of the Year 2021 poll, Czech basketball players were awarded the highest in the team category. The great generation around Tomáš Satoranský is waiting for the third big peak after successful performances at the World Championships in China and the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Namely, the Eurobasket tournament, ie the continental championship, which will also be co-organized by the Czech Republic.

Individual basic groups will welcome Prague, Tbilisi, Cologne, Berlin and Milan. The elimination part of the championship will take place in Berlin.

“The state helped us pay for the license, which we had to pay to the European association in order for the tournament to take place in Prague. We will then be able to finance the organization of the tournament on our own, and the pre-sale of tickets has started very well for us, ”says Miroslav Jansta, Chairman of the Czech Basketball Federation.

“That’s right, basketball players received a license of 77 million crowns from state funds. Another big event in 2022 will be the Czech World Rowing Championships. The National Sports Agency will contribute 47 million crowns to it, “says Filip Neusser, chairman of the NSA.

At the turn of June and July, the European Under-19 Football Championship should also take place in the Czech Republic in 2022. It will be hosted by the Moravian-Silesian Region.

An overview of the biggest sporting events of 2022

17.-30. January: Australian Open, tenis

4.-20. February: Beijing Winter Olympics

February 13: Super Bowl, American football

13.-29. May: MS in swimming, Fukuoka

13.-29. May: Ice Hockey World Championships, Finland

May 22-5. June: French Open, tenis

May 28: Champions League final, St. Petersburg

June 27-10 July: Wimbledon, tennis

1.-24. July: cycling Tour de France

15.-24. July: MS in Athletics, Eugene (USA)

August 29-11 September: US Open, tenis

1.-18. September: EC in basketball, e.g. in Prague

18.-25. September: World Cycling Championships, Australia

18.-25. September: World Championship in rowing, Račice

November 21-18. December: World Cup, Qatar


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