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Spanish federation wins La Liga lawsuit: no duels abroad

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The Spanish Football Association has again been proved right in a case against La Liga, the competition organizer. The latter party wanted to organize a match outside Spain, but that has now been definitively cancelled.

The League had planned to play the Girona-Barcelona match a few years ago in Miami. At the time, the RFEF, the Spanish football association, already filed a case and on March 6, 2020 it already fell in favor of the association. The appeal of the competition organizer has now also failed, because again the judge has private that all La Liga matches should simply be played in Spain.

The verdict means that there is now clarity about whether or not to organize competitions abroad. The Spanish court has established that competition matches must always be played in Spain and that there can no longer be any discussion about this. In addition, La Liga has to pay all costs of the legal process and the RFEF is thus definitively established.

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