Sorashido Honbo wins 1 million yen in prize money “I don’t want to repay my debt” “I will farm in the 23rd century!” By purchasing a “cultivator” | ORICON NEWS | Okinawa Times + Plus

The “2nd #Yoshimoto Lille King Decision Battle” using the Instagram function “Lille” was held in Tokyo on the 17th, and Sorashid and Ganji Honbo became the second champion, and the winning prize was 1 million yen. Got it.

Itsuji Itao (from) Soracid Honbo (C) ORICON NewS inc. Who received the winning prize remotely.

[Video]OCTPATH, Wataru Takahashi, inspired by rhythm material entertainers who “want to incorporate into the group”

Honbo, an entertainer who lives in Yamagata Prefecture, participated remotely, but before the judging, he said, “Because this is my first time as a finalist. I think that finalists will have more work in every award race, so I’m really looking forward to it.” It was even better, but the prediction became a reality.

Itsuji Itao, the chairman of the judging committee, said, “I don’t know the score of each judge, but I think everyone is giving you a good score. I think it’s a victory. Please do your best with the feeling that “I got one beautifully”. “

Regarding the use of the winning prize, Honbo smiled, “I’m relying on this money to decide what to buy. I want to buy Kubota’s cultivator, Hina.” “This was so amazing that it used to take a whole day to make a 20-meter field. It was a hand digging. Hina was able to complete the whole field in 30 minutes. I definitely want this. I’m going to farm in the 23rd century, “he said.

The price of the cultivator is about 300,000 yen, but for the remaining 700,000 yen, “I have a loan, but I don’t want to pay it back. Also, my computer isn’t working well and I’m thinking about buying it.” When I made him laugh, Itao also laughed, “I’m a non-deliverable person!” This time, Honbo, who became the champion in remote participation, explained the situation, saying, “After this, there is a contract renewal of Yoshimoto Kogyo, and there is also a radio here …”.

Reel is one of the functions of Insta that allows you to post and watch videos of up to 60 seconds. With music, camera effects, and video editing tools, you can easily create highly entertaining videos without specialized knowledge. Can be done.

In addition to Honbo, Honbo, Wes P, Wafer Mitsukawa, Kato Smoothie (National Highway Alice), Tatsuro, Bachov, Hicky North Wind, Mitsudo Cap (THE GREATEST HITS), Kosaka, who won the fierce battle and advanced to the final brilliantly. It was Hiromi (Sky Circuit) and Yuta Shiiki (People).

Yuriyan Retriever, Kazutoyo Koya, GABEZ, and Wataru Takahashi (OCTPATH) are in charge of the judges, led by Itao, the chairman of the judging committee. The moderator was Yuzuru Kawai of Einstein.

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