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Solving the problem of “Where to go for fitness”

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In order to meet the new needs of the people and solve the problem of “where to go for fitness”, this year, Xunyang District made full use of the urban layout, community open space and qualified parks to build a “15-minute fitness circle” in urban communities.

Xunyanglou Community Outdoor Badminton Court

Xunyanglou Community Outdoor Badminton Court

Walking into the beautiful Tianbowan community, I saw a spacious and bright badminton court with a public restroom next to it, where people often come to exercise. Citizen Mr. Li is playing badminton with friends on the court.

“It’s relatively close to home, and it takes only two or three minutes to go out. Let’s exercise with friends and play badminton together.” said Mr. Li, a resident of Tianbowan District, who lives in Midea. The badminton court in front of the house is really convenient. To drive out of the stadium to play, a big problem has now been solved.

Fitness facilities in Pailouwa community

Chaisang Community Small Square Fitness Facilities

This year, Xunyang District will build a free outdoor badminton court in Baishuihu Street Pailouwa Community Zhanbei Road Community, Gantang Street Midea Tianbowan Community, as well as Huangtuling Community, New Oriental Community, Caojiashan Village and Midea Tianbo Bay. Public welfare fitness equipment has been installed in many places such as residential quarters, and a standard basketball court will be built soon.

While continuously accelerating the construction of new venues, the whole district revitalizes existing resources, improves the use efficiency of existing facilities, and uses urban idle land, parks and green spaces to build a batch of national fitness facilities that can be reached by more people. At the same time, it is active Promote the open sharing of various venues and facilities, extensively carry out a variety of national fitness activities, continue to meet the diversified needs of the people for physical fitness, and build the “15-minute fitness circle” into a fitness circle, a social circle, and a civilized circle around the masses.

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Source of information: Text/Picture by Xie Wanru, District Rong Media Center
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