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Sofía Mamani obtained a gold medal

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Sofía Mamani Arizapana, the 19-year-old Peruvian athlete, won the first medal for the country at the Junior Pan American Games in Cali 2021. The national athlete won the medal in the 10,000 meters.

Sofía Mamani, daughter of Olympic athlete Wilma Arizapana, not only won the gold medal in Cali 2021, but also achieved its classification at Pan American Games Santiago 2023, a pass that means a lot for his career and for the country.

The athlete won the 10,000 meter competition by totaling a time of 34: 43.80. In second place it was for the Mexican María de Jesús Ruiz. The podium was completed with the Brazilian María Da Silva.

In this battle, Virginia Huatajego also participated, who was in fifth place with a time of 36: 21.36

This Tuesday, Peru also accumulated two more medals in the medal table. Frank De La Sotta secured the bronze medal in Bowling. Meanwhile, the national athlete José Luis Chaupin Huamaní achieved the bronze medal in the 5,000 meters

In total, our country has achieved 15 medals in Cali 2021. One gold, seven silver and six bronze.

Peru accumulates 14 medals in the general medal table:


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