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Show and excitement in the semifinals of Huelva 2021

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The finalists of ElPozo World Senior Championship Huelva 2021. after an intense day at the Carolina Marín Sports Palace with ninety-three games. First it was the turn of all the doubles modality in all the categories. After that, it closed with the individual confrontations of the male and female team.

Sterlie and Ridder dominate in doubles

In the first block of matches, the first surprises occurred in the semifinals of the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles. Some number 1s, and main favorites, such as Vogelgsang / Wengberg (WD 40), Asmussen / Campbell (WD45), Dijoux / Petit (WD75), Travers / Helledie (MD60), Danielsen / Hansen (MD70) did not get a ticket to the final. , Nilsson / Svenson (MD 45), Gasz / Gwiazda (MD75) and Venglet / Kona (XD55), who thus ended their participation in Huelva 2021 with bronze.

The main protagonist of the women’s team was Irene Sterlie, who in just two hours apart, managed to qualify for the WD and XD70 finals along with Jette Nielsen and Christian Hansen respectively. For his part, Rob Ridder also delivered and will fight for gold in MD and XD65, first with Marjan Ridder and later with Peter Emptage. Both recognized, post-match, the merit of their rival and the happiness that comes from being able to play in Huelva 2021: “We have really enjoyed the match. He was a strong rival. We congratulate them for their good performance. “

After their match, Sterlie / Nielsen (WD 70) attended the organization’s media to review their participation in the semifinals and their expectations for Saturday in their fight for gold. The Danish couple showed their enthusiasm for the results and their positivity for the final: “We really wanted to reach the semi-final today. We were hoping to go to the final and we did it. So we are very happy so far, “she said.” I feel quite positive. Sterlie and I have just started playing this season as a couple. So we are quite satisfied with what we have done.

Ponsana and Hsueh put on the show

Boonsak Ponsana (2) and Hsuan Yi Hsueh (3/4) starred in the match of the day in the men’s individual category +35. It was a meeting between two world talents who opted for Hsuan’s side in the third set (17-21 / 21-17 / 21-8) and after almost an hour of play.

In the women’s box, there were not too many surprises. Van Soerland-Trouerbach (WS45), Caroline Hale (WS50) and Svetlana Zilberman (WS60) won easily and will be in the final. Also Zhou Xin, who beat June Hammond with authority in the WS55 category, and left a declaration of intent for the final: “I will try to do my best tomorrow.”

The only Spanish representative in the fight for the medals was Abel Hernández, who succumbed to the Danish Gregers Schytt in two sets and finished the championship with a creditable bronze. The Catalan player spoke to the organization’s media and took stock of his participation in Huelva 2021: “In principle, the truth is that I am very happy with the development of the competition. In singles we have reached the semifinals. A bit of a bad taste in our mouths because we haven’t finished playing as we know, to the contrary of course. He has played at a high performance, he has played an almost perfect match. I have tried to do what I could and could not be. “

His rival, Gregers Schytt, played the game with some discomfort, but is ambitious for the day on Saturday: “Today I felt good on the pitch. But my lower back hurt a little and my right leg also hurt a little, but I have recovered, today I met a Spaniard and I was not sure how I was going to plan the game, so I focused on myself. Same for tomorrow. So we have to see what happens in that game. So I’ll prepare for it. “

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