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Shohei Ohtani “redefined modern baseball” Achievements of dual wield looking back in the words of witnesses | Full-Count

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Impressive words from director Madon “He plays another game”

Pitcher Shohei Ohtani of the Angels was just one of the symbols of 2021. As a batter, he fought for a home run king until the final stage of the season, with 46 shots in 3rd place in the American League. He also won nine wins as a pitcher, and the “real dual wield” impressed the viewer. Starting with winning the MVP with a full vote, the off is a rush to win. Looking back on the overly vivid year from the words of “history witnesses”.

Another honor was added to the New Year holidays. On the 28th (29th Japan time), he was selected as a “male athlete of the year” by the Associated Press. The LA Times, a local newspaper, emphasized that “dual wield play has redefined modern baseball.”

Babe Ruth, who is known as the “god of baseball,” has always been referred to this season. Attention was focused on the record for the first time in 103 years, with a double-digit win as a pitcher and a double-digit home run as a batter. Otani didn’t win just one win, but the newspaper says, “We’ve had a season like no other in the last century.”

The players and commanders who play with them have seen the “shock” most closely. In particular, Angels director Joe Maddon has expressed his surprise with all his words. “I’m doing something we’ve never seen in my life.” “He’s playing another game.” “It was just a tremendous, legendary year. Only one person can reproduce this. There is only. ” The newspaper featured symbolic comments.

On October 28th (29th), when he was selected as the player of the year in both leagues at the “Player’s Choice Awards”, his colleague Mike Trout outfielder said “8 times and 9 times.” It’s just amazing to hit a home run the day after throwing. It’s just a historic moment. ” Dodgers pitcher Max Scherzer, who has won three Cy Young Awards, said, “It was a wonderful season. No one has ever seen such pitching and batting.”

“I’m happy as a person doing it” to the dual wield challenge that follows in Japan and the United States


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