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Shaq gets wet and reveals his clear favorite for the MVP!

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A keen observer of the league, Shaquille O’Neal already seems to have a fixed idea about the future MVP of the regular season. As he explained recently, his favorite is even designated! And according to the four-time champion, there is hardly any debate on the subject.

Notice to opponents of the Warriors, Stephen Curry is indeed still a human being. The leader has indeed delivered his first big rotten performance of the year against the Suns, to the point of signing his worst game in his career. Less than 20% shooting success, unable to find his teammates: the Chef lived an evening without, something that we had not seen of him for quite a while.

However, this slight halt in no way detracts from the exceptional campaign it has delivered so far. The NBA’s top scorer last year with 32 points per game, Curry eased production a bit, averaging 27.8 units. What, however, remain second in the standings behind Kevin Durant, especially since it adds 5.7 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game. A well-supplied line of stats, making him an unlivable poison for the competition.

Shaq names Steph Curry as 2021-22 MVP

As for the observers, we are in any case absolutely won over by the level of the crazy shooter. Very complimentary about this one recently, Shaquille O’Neal added a little more about him when it comes to the MVP race. For the Hall of Famer, there is no doubt to have:

Right now, he’s the big favorite for the MVP. It’s crystal clear.

For once, impossible not to at least cite Dub among the three main candidates. Already, all the boxes are ticked on an individual level, and he adds in the passage some very high level exits. Able to ignite any defense with three points, he notably marked the spirits with this delusional performance against Atlanta, with 50 points and 10 assists:

In addition to that, he can count on the fabulous record of Golden State, which dominates the league tied with Phoenix (18 wins for three losses). The Dubs develop a particularly polished offrnsive game, and it is in large part thanks to its franchise player which leads the team with a master hand. All the conditions are therefore met for him to obtain the Maurice Podoloff trophy, the third time for him after 2015 and 2016. What to enter a little more in the history of the NBA.

Stephen Curry can smile, he received official Shaq support in the MVP race. The Hall of Famer should not be the last to express itself in this way, if it continues to chain the boxes in the weeks to come!

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