Scout from Club Brugge explains the situation Kamal Sowah

Club Brugge paid no less than nine million euros for Kamal Sowah, but it has not yet had much fun.

Raymond Mommens, who has been working as a scout at Club Brugge since 2011, tries to find out what is going wrong for Sowah. “It’s not obvious at all. Usually a record transfer ends up in a bigger club, where expectations are very high. That price tag is hanging on your back anyway, you have to be mentally strong to deal with it,” Mommens told HLN.

“Usually the squad is also large, which is the case at Club. And there is not much time. Actually, in modern football you have to be there right away, otherwise the criticism will swell immediately. Performance is expected and there is not much time.”

Mommens sees similarities with Kossounou, who was also written off early by some. “Look at Diatta, who also had to train alone for a while because he didn’t immediately bring what was expected of him. Sometimes you have to be patient with players, but that is not easy in today’s football.”

“As for Sowah, that boy can’t possibly have lost his qualities. That there’s nothing left of that? I am convinced that once he has regained his confidence, Club Brugge will benefit from that.”



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