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Samir Nasri critique Mohamed Salah

by archysport

While he is having an exceptional season with Liverpool, Mohamed Salah has been the subject of a debate in the program on Canal + in recent hours on the occasion of Boxing Day.

Indeed, present on the set of the chain, Habib Beye and Samir Nasri compared Eden Hazard and Mohamed Salah. For Beye, there is no doubt that Salah is superior to Hazard, an opinion that Nasri does not share at all.

“Are you serious? Do you really think Eden Hazard is better than Mohamed Salah? Get me the statistics, I’m telling you, Salah has scored twice as many goals as Hazard”, has released Habib Beye. Samir Nasri then tackled Salah by answering this: “The truth Habib, as a coach, when you watch Salah play, do you like it? He’s a selfish person, he always keeps the ball …”Nasri replied as you can see in the video below.

A debate that has animated social networks in recent hours …

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