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Salah or Hazard? Samir Nasri made his choice

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During a TV show on Canal +, Samir Nasri and Habib Beye, two former football players had to make a choice: which of Eden Hazard or Mohamed Salah is the best and in his place in the historic eleven of the Premier League? Opinions are decided.

Samir Nasri and Habib Beye are former teammates during the Marseille period and both played in the Premier League. And since their retirement, the two players have been consultants for Canal +. In the show Big five, a debate broke out concerning the two wingers.

When making a choice on the historic eleven of the English competition, the two consultants disagreed on their choice. Yes Ronaldo is essential on the one hand, on the other, it was more difficult. Because Samir Nasri preferred to choose Eden Hazard during his time at Chelsea, while Habib Beye chose Mo Salah.

“I would like to see the statistics of Eden Hazard and those of Mohamed Salah. Mohamed Salah scored twice as much as Eden Hazard, just in the league “, explains Habid Beye.

To which the former City player replied: “Eden Hazard when he was at Chelsea, he was someone. And the truth, you as a coach, when you watch him play, do you like Salah? He is selfish, he keeps the ball a little too much “.

A cult sequence that has animated social networks in recent hours and which has finally found its conclusion. Neither player was chosen by the consultants. Ryan Giggs was the winner of the discussion. But the debate remains open.

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