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ROLLER-HOCKEY: A look back at the Greenfalcons season

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Antoine Demaret, coach of Greenfalcons of Pont-de-Metz, looks back to the year 2021 for us

What is your best memory with your club this season?

From the few matches made this season, I will retain the qualification of the U20 for the Elite finals! In a complicated year, we are asking a lot of the young people who play in N1 and to see them rewarded for the top of the table in their category is a fair reward, they are already part of the 12 best teams in France.

What is your worst memory ?

The worst moment or at least the worst performance is the last home game against Reims! But after debriefing even if the defeat is heavy, the opponent was surely the best team that we have played this season.

Who do you think is the Amiens athlete or team of the year?

For the metropolitan team, I am going to tell you about a recent event with Salouël’s beautiful course in the Coupe de France! I was part of this club a few years ago now I kept some contacts and I found the course remarkable!

What is your biggest emotion in sport during this year?

I took great pleasure in following the exploits of our team sports teams at the Olympic Games, whether girls or boys, in basketball, handball, volleyball, they gave us a lot of emotions.

What can we wish you in terms of sport for the year 2022?

For the year 2022, I want my club to move forward, a victory in N1 and a good health to all licensees and their families.

If you are given an envelope of 500,000 euros what do you do with it?

If I am given 500,000 euros, well I will already pass it on to all the license holders because we practice a sport where the equipment is quite expensive and perhaps invest in nine-seater vehicles for travel. Although I think a lot of people would ask me to heat the room!

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Photo Credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazettesports

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