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Röiseland from the 12th place flew for a triumph in the fighter. Despite three mistakes, David also improved

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All the Czechs shot the opening lane without a mistake, it moved David to tenth place and Jislová even ten places up to twenty-four. However, the best of the national team then made one mistake at the second stop on the shooting range and returned from the penalty round to 14th position with a loss of less than a minute to the front of the fighter.

She did not forgive one shot off the target even with both items standing up, which made her forget the elite ten, despite the ninth running time. “Freshly fallen snow slowed down the trail quite a bit. I’m sorry there was a caliber when my target didn’t fall. I quite enjoyed the first contact race of the season, I could still get higher. There was no pigsty in the shooting, but three ones are too much, “said David.

Photo: Luboš Pavlíček, ČTK

Biathlete Markéta Davidová on the trackPhoto: Luboš Pavlíček, ČTK

With a second zero lying down, Jislová moved just behind her compatriot. In the middle of the race, both net items also pulled Puskarčíková to the points position, which started from 58th place. Jislová’s advance was stopped only by the last shot she postponed on the third item, yet the target did not hit. But it was the only mistake of this biathlete on the shooting range, so it was a decent amount of points for her in the end. “A lot of satisfaction for me, I left it at full strength. I am happy for stable performance, that is important for me, “said Jislová.

Photo: Barbora Reichová / WWTP

Biathlete Jessica Jislová (illustration photo).Photo: Barbora Reichová / WWTP

“Makula has moved two places, Jess even twelve, from this point of view it’s nice for us. There was a little more wind on the shooting range than in the previous days, probably only Terka Vinklárková didn’t deal with it, “said assistant coach Jiří Holubec for Czech Television.

The fight for the first place in the fighter went through a number of changes during the ten-kilometer track. Of Thursday’s sprint medalists, only Austrian Hauser started with a clean item, gaining an 18-second lead over Chevalier-Bouchet, and then the excellent Swede Elvira Öberg followed her from the ski penalty. Before the second lie, however, the leading trio came together and continued together with the same shooting balance.

Hauser was the weakest in running at the top, so she wasn’t even able to keep her on the podium with clean shooting. On the contrary, despite two other mistakes in the third item, the Swede almost flew along the track, but the hesitation in the final shooting was already fatal for her. There it was decided to win Röiseland, who had the most strength at the end for the ski finish.

Biathlon World Cup, Östersund
Women’s 10 km Pursuit
1. Röiseland (Norway) 32: 20.6 (1)
2. Bescond (France) 4.8 (0)
3. Chevalier-Bouchet (France) +7.0 (1)
4. Hauser (Austria) +7.9 (0)
5. Preuss (Germany) +18.8 (2)
6. H. Öberg (Sweden) +22.2 (3)
7. E. Öberg (Sweden) +23.9 (4)
8. Herrmann (Germany) +52.9 (2)
… 16. Davidová (CZE) +1: 41.5 (3)
22. Jislová (CZE) +2: 09.8 (1)
41. Puskarcikova (CZE) +3: 51.9
58. Vinklarkova (CZE) +7: 48.6 (8)
World Cup status (after 4 of 22 races)
1. Hauser (Austria) 177
2. Röiseland (Norway) 168
3. Alimbekova (Belarus) 160
4. E. Öberg (Sweden) 147
5. Chevalier-Bouchet (France) 140
6. Davidová (CZE) 134
7. Preuss (Germany) 134
8. Herrmann (Germany) 130
… 27. Jislová (CZE) 49
37. Puskarčíková (Czech Republic) 30
54. Vinklárková (Czech Republic) 12
57. Charvatova (CZE) 8


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