River screamed champion again!

The start of the game in Santiago del Estero was all River. Those led by Marcelo Gallardo came out from minute one to impose their game, with a new formation: 4-3-3 with Paradela on the left and Simón on the right, almost from the extremes, and Álvarez from the only point. In the first 15 ‘he was more than Colón, dominating possession of the ball, territory and with constant movements of the Spider coming down to play to connect with Palavecino and Fernández. But after a time of great intensity, the match was ironed and Colón began to annoy the Millionaire, especially cutting him off pass lines and forcing him to skip players.

Sabalero populated the midfield with many players and exerted significant pressure at the start that forced the Greatest to fall into imprecision and lack depth, except for some individual outburst by Álvarez. This was the development of the game in the final stretch of the first half, with rough play as the main protagonist (two reprimands per team after 45 minutes), until the man of the moment appeared, “the spider that stings.”

Santiago Simón hit a first-rate center (and slap) from the right side and Julián, with an enormous technical gesture, connected it left-handed in the air to define and dislodge to goalkeeper Leonardo Burián. River was able to open a game that was becoming increasingly complex and he did so with all the elegance that characterizes it.

River started the second half with the tranquility of having the advantage but never stopped looking for the second and got it at 12 ‘. As if he had a magnet, Julián Álvarez appeared again in the small area. Wall between Fernández and Paradela, center of the former Gymnastics and Julián could not in the first anticipating but if in the second. The Spider invented another extraordinary play, scored the second of the Millionaire to almost liquidate the game and also add 20 goals in his personal account for the semester.

With 2-0, the game was over. Colón felt the blow and before the impotence of not being able to generate danger to Armani (except for some isolated center), he began to leave more and more spaces behind and the Millionaire never stopped trying, with a Carrascal plugged in and an Álvarez looking for his hat- trick. Those in the back had a great night again, especially Paulo Díaz, and they turned the defense into a wall, as well as being fundamental in the generation of the game.

For the party to be complete, he, Leonardo Ponzio, had to enter. Along with Galván and Rollheiser, Gallardo sent León to the field, who was able to enjoy his last game as a professional player and Achieve his 17th title to become the winningest player in River history. At 39 ‘with the procedure already resolved, Benjamin Rollheiser He put the strawberry for dessert at night and made it 3-0. A goal that will never be forgotten for being the first with the River shirt.

With the game already distorted and with unfortunate incidents in the stands between both parties, Carrascal shook his right at the last minute to make the final 4-0 and unleash the madness of the 15 thousand River Plate souls present at the Madre de Cities Stadium.

A year that had started in the best way with the title in the Super Cup against Racing but that turned dark with the elimination against Boca immersed in the Covid cases and remaining on the road in the Libertadores and the Argentine Cup, River closes it by consecrating itself champion of the Professional League and the Champions Trophy. With overwhelming numbers, with a showy game, with outstanding individual performances. Title number 14 for Marcelo Gallardo in the club of his loves. River came out champion a lo River.


RIVER PLATE (4-4-2): 1-Franco Armani; 2-Robert Rojas, 17-Paulo Díaz, 6-David Martínez, 20-Milton Casco; 5-Bruno Zuculini, 13-Enzo Fernández, 31-Santiago Simón, 8-Agustín Palavecino; 26-José Paradela and 9-Julián Álvarez. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Alternates: 25-Enrique Bologna, 14-Germán Lux, 16-Alex Vigo, 4-Jonatan Maidana, 22-Javier Pinola, 23-Leonardo Ponzio, 30-Benjamín Rollheiser, 10-Jorge Carrascal, 33-Tomás Galván, 15-Federico Girotti and 27-Agustín Fontana.

COLON (5-4-1): 1-L.Burián; 21-E.Meza, 33-F. Garcés, 6-P. Goltz, 40-R. Thin, 3-G. Rain; 14-F. Lértora, 23-C. Bernardi, 29, R. Aliendro, 35-F. You would do; 9-L. Beltrán. DT: Eduardo Domínguez.

Alternates: 17-Chicco, 2-Bianchi, 4-Mura, 5-Moschión, 7-Formica, 8-Góez, 11-Castro, 16-Ferreira, 18-Leguizamón, 19-Morelo, 24-Gallardo and 31-Pierotti.


Hour: 21.10

Stadium: Mother of Cities

Referee: Patricio Loustau

Assistants: Juan Pablo Belatti and Maximiliano Del Yesso

Fourth official: Pablo Echavarría

Fifth referee: Lucas Germanotta

TV: TNT Sports y Fox Sports Premium





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