Ricky Rubio is injured in one of his best NBA games

Ricky RUbio, shortly before the injury. / Reuters


The point guard, who touched the ‘triple double’ (27 + 13 + 9), had to retire helped by two teammates after damaging his left knee


Bad news for Ricky Rubio. The Spanish point guard for the Cavaliers was injured in the final minutes of the game against the Pelicans. And that’s because everything that could go wrong for the Cleveland team went wrong. In addition to the injury to the Spaniard, the Cavaliers lost (108-104) after allowing themselves to overcome a 23-point lead and despite the fact that Ricky Rubio had one of his best performances of his NBA career.

But bad luck made Ricky Rubio retreat to the locker room early. With 2.20 minutes remaining, the Spaniard tried a tackle, but slipped and fell to the ground with obvious gestures of pain and complaining about his left knee, the same one where he suffered his anterior cruciate ligament injury in 2012. The injury , whose scope will be known today, seemed serious and the point guard had to be removed from the track with the help of his teammates Isaac Okoro and Kevin Love.

After the game, Cavaliers coach JB Bickerstaff said the extent of the injury was unknown and that the player was being evaluated by Cleveland team medical personnel.

Until the time of the injury, Ricky Rubio had put on the team’s star suit to stay close to the ‘triple double’ with 27 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists, in addition to 2 steals and 2 blocks, which allowed him be the top scorer, rebounder and assistant of the crash. The 13 rebounds he had equal his personal record.

Without the Spaniard on the track, the Cavaliers would end up losing by 4 points, despite two late-breaking 3s from Kevin Love.



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