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RFA? I have a contract in Oktagon and I am completely satisfied here, says Pukač

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In short, OKTAGON 30 can no longer be called anything other than a cursed tournament. Coronavirus measures, injuries or the coronavirus itself eliminated not only the O2 arena, but also several wrestlers. However, the organization responds promptly and very interesting!

Just two days before the tournament came two more shots. This Primera and Olga Rubin will not take part in the OKTAGON 30 tournament, so Lucia Szabová and Emmanuel Dawa are without a rival. Unfortunately, these are not the first matches the tournament has lost.

The organization had to react promptly and definitely deserves to take off his hat. She came up with an interesting and attractive solution, which she has been defending for a long time.

In addition to MMA matches, we will see fights according to OKTAGON UNDERGROUND rules.

Although the promoters never wanted to do mixed tournaments where different disciplines would appear, there was no choice now. So this is the first and quite possibly last time we’ll see something like this from the Octagon.

“Due to bad luck, injuries and positive cases that eliminated several matches from the game, we decided to make the fans happy and add matches to the tournament according to the popular OKTAGON UNDERGROUND rules. “ stands in the organization’s announcement.

The first match has already been announced.

In short, the organization demonstrated a commendable approach. Ondřej Novotný commented on the situation on his Instagram as follows: “The crisis always has two options. You succumb or fight with it and learn something new. And that’s exactly what we do. Look, it’ll be fun. ”

Source: Oktagon MMA, Ondrej Novotny

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