Recognition for the master Glorioso, from Fijlkam comes the seventh Dan black belt

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Prestigious recognition from the Italian Federation of judo fight karate martial art to the master Giuseppe Glorioso: the seventh Dan “Motu Proprio” black belt. For over 45 years, Maestro Glorioso has been practicing a sport that is light years away from the spotlight of pay-TV, gossip and mind-boggling engagements. When it comes to karate in Cefalù and throughout Sicily, the name of the master is synonymous with passion, dedication, availability, professionalism and competence.

The Asd Dojo karate-do Shotokan in Cefalù and the Asd Dojo karate-do Funakoshi in Campofelice di Roccella, directed by him, are important places of healthy growth for young and very young people and a hotbed of talents engaged in national and international competitions. Since 2005 the teacher has also been part of the regional federal staff and the recognition received stimulates him to a greater commitment and dedication in this wonderful discipline that goes beyond the “purely” sporting one.

Maestro Glorioso expresses his cordial thanks to Domenico Falcone, national president of Fijlkam, for the gratification received and to the president of the karate sector for Sicily, Giovanni Mallia, for the trust placed in him and for the many opportunities and opportunities for growth offered.




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