Reasons why the selected V catcher continues to play baseball in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force First appearance against the city as a reinforcement player | Full-Count

Catcher Dai Sato joins Hokkaido Gas for reinforcement and participates in the city for the first time

Did you know that the Self-Defense Forces have a professional baseball team? In particular, the team at the Air Self-Defense Force Chitose Base in Hokkaido is registered as a “corporate team” rather than a club, and has a track record of participating in the Japan Championships in 2012. At the 92nd Intercity Baseball Tournament being held, catcher Dai Sato was reinforced by Hokkaido Gas and stood on the ground of Tokyo Dome for the first time. Sato is the captain of Tokai University Sagami who won the 2011 Selected Koshien. Surprisingly, what is the reason for continuing to play baseball?

In the first round against Sega Sammy on November 30, Sato played the long-awaited Intercity Baseball Tournament. In the 5th inning to chase 1 point, a pinch of 1st and 3rd base, and when the pitcher was replaced by left arm Yasuyoshi Natsui (reinforced by JR Hokkaido Club), we entered the game together. It is an appointment that is expected to change the flow.

However, he allowed Teppei Sunagawa infielder to hit behind third baseman in a timely manner and lost a decisive 5 points in the 7th inning. The lead who is struggling against the four pitchers who usually play against each other as an enemy. “I wish I could get closer to the pitcher, but it was full …”, making a bittersweet debut.

Sato’s achievements so far are brilliant. At the 2011 selection Koshien, he took on the heavy responsibility of being the “4th catcher” and also the captain, leading Tokai University Sagami to the championship. It’s been 6 years since I started playing in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force because I wasn’t blessed with the opportunity to participate in Tokai University. The team continues to be bounced off the qualifying wall. “I am grateful that I was able to stand here while my team was having a hard time winning in Hokkaido. The people at the base also pushed me back.” Of course, missions are the highest priority for everyday activities. Sato also takes up the job of maintaining aircraft support equipment.

Still hot “Sagami soul” “I feel like I can’t lose”




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