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real-time updates from the free agent craze as Javier Báez, Corey Seager and Max Scherzer find new homes

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Reheat the stoves of Major League Baseball before an impending arrest. The current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expires Wednesday night and free agent activity will be suspended until the players association and league reach a new agreement, a process that could take months.

Many players and teams are getting deals before closing, and this has led to the free agent frenzy over the past couple of days. until Tuesday morning, Six of our top 10 agents have signed:

  1. SS Carlos Correa
  2. SS Cory Seeger: 10 years $ 325 million with the Rangers
  3. 3B / Chris Bryant
  4. If Marco Simin: 7 years $ 175 million with the Rangers
  5. 1B Freddy Freeman
  6. Ruby radius LHP: 5 years $ 115 million with Mariners
  7. RHP Max Scherzer: 3 years $ 130 million with the Mets
  8. RHP Kevin Gausman: 5 years $ 110 million with Blue Jays
  9. RHB Marcus Strowman
  10. Starling Mart: 4 years $ 78 million with the Mets

Rangers and Mets were the most active teams in free agency and weren’t particularly close. In addition to Seager and Handsome, the Texans also signed right-back John Gray and defensive tackle Cole Calhoun. The Mets sign Eduardo Escobar and Marc Cana enter the field, as well as Scherzer and Marty. The two clubs have pledged more than $ 800 million to free the agents.

While free agency has been very active in the last few days, the commercial market has mostly been cold, at least for now. The Buccaneers sent their catcher Jacob Stallings to the Marlins for a three-man on Tuesday, and that’s all in terms of high-profile deals. I think the teams will focus on free agency before the CBA deal expires and worry about operations afterwards.

For what it’s worth, Tuesday will be an “easy” deadline for free agent signings as teams and players will need time to process contract details and review medical information before the CBA expires. The two sides fail to agree on a last-minute deal and put pen to paper. Here’s a look at the major free agent deals that have been happening since Sunday evening.

Notable hot stove offers

We will be providing real-time updates throughout Tuesday as the teams look to strike more deals. Follow below.

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