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Real Madrid: Tension grows between Madrid and PSG 50 days before the tie of the century

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Lto eliminatory between Real Madrid and PSG it is a matter of state for both clubs. Because the Champions League is at stake and because right now there is much more than a sporting rivalry between the two clubs. 50 days after the start of the duel was given, the tension in both entities, with the signing of Kylian Mbapp as the main workhorse and other matters such as the Super League and the relationship with UEFA as a backdrop.

Who is better?

50 days after Real Madrid and PSG meet on the grass, the two rule with an iron fist in Spain and France. Few doubt that if nothing strange happens, the white club and the Parisian should be champions. The sensations transmitted by the two teams, however, are very different. In Madrid, Ancelotti leads a group that right now has no cracks. At PSG, Pochettino is questioned and the dressing room does not seem to be going through his best moment of health: Messi does not finish fitting, Neymar is injured, Mbapp does not renew, Ramos does not start, the substitution of Donnarumma …

Regarding the classification, Real Madrid and PSG They trace their numbers to their respective championships. The two have 46 points after 19 games played, with a balance of 14 wins, four draws and one loss. In the Champions League, Madrid was first in the group with Inter as the main rival and PSG second in the City group. A peculiar Champions League draw has matched them.

The Mbapp case, increasingly hot

Mbapp celebrates its 23 years surrounded by ‘spanish PSG’ … and they hesitate with a renewal shirt

On January 1, that is, this same Saturday, Kylian Mbapp will be able to sign a contract with Real Madrid. It does not seem that this will happen as soon as 2022 starts, but at PSG they are upset because the player does not give the slightest hope regarding his renewal. The French consider that Madrid has played dirty with the French star and that is why the tie will be more full of tension and morbid if possible.

Those, Mbapp He will not make any movement until the tie with Real Madrid passes. The outward journey will be on February 15 and the return on March 8. Until that date, the player will not make any key movement, although the roadmap seems clear and everything indicates that the player will be wearing white as of July 1.

The war of financial Fair Play, UEFA …

Real Madrid and PSG no longer go hand in hand off the pitch. While the white club is betting on the Super League, among other things, to fight against the rules of UEFA’s financial Fair Play that favor state clubs, the French team has sided with Ceferin. Al Khelaifi is the new president of the ECA and Madrid suspect that behind Ceferin’s threats is PSG. A silent war that will have its high point on the pitch in the most spectacular tie of the century.

The return of Ramos and Messi to the Bernabu, the Mbapp case …

Sergio Ramos: “I’m going to die for PSG in the game against Real Madrid”

On the field of play there can be no more elements that invite curiosity. On the one hand, the return of Sergio Ramos to the Santiago Bernabu. After 16 years in white, the captain left Madrid after saying that he would never go to a club that competed against the whites. Now he could return, if the physicist allows it, wearing the colors of the number one rival of the white team in Europe.

Tambin is Leo messi, that Real Madrid has always been in the spotlight as a good culprit and that at the same time it has been the public enemy number 1 in the Bernau stands. The former Bara captain has been the black beast of the white club for many years and now he arrives at the Bernabu with the aim of leading PSG towards their first Champions. If to this we add the Mbapp case, the returns of Keylor, Di Mara or Achraff … The tie has it all.

50 days to get ready

Real Madrid and PSG They now have 50 days to prepare for the tie. Madrid have almost no injuries, although they have to finish banishing the outbreak of Covid that put him in check in the last two days. If he controls the cases of coronavirus, from now until February, Ancelotti will be able to pamper his holders, because Carletto’s idea is that those who play the Copa del Rey are the least common. Yes, the year begins with another hellish calendar because of the Spanish Super Cup, with a Clsico in Saudi Arabia on January 12 and who knows if a derby or a final against Athletic on January 15.

PSG, meanwhile, has a lighter schedule at the beginning of the year and the players are even planning to travel to Qatar for a small winter tour in the country that finances them.


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