Real Madrid score a gray victory against Alba Berlin

The Real Madrid was imposed on Alba Berlin 87-64 in a choral victory that was catalyzed by Rudy Fernandez, for his good work both in attack and defense, and that, although he did not have the brilliance of other occasions, he counts as any other.

With the bad news breaking of the absence of Pablo Laso and Thomas Heurtel for both positives in COVID-19, a rival with little glamor, little public and less atmosphere in the stands, nothing invited an electric start. And, indeed, Real Madrid started with little energy, as if disconnected.

Just the domain of Walter Tavares under the hoops it was saved in a few minutes in which Alba Berlin dominated the scoreboard thanks to its greater success in the outside shots.

The departure of Maodo Lo and his two triples, despite the good defense of Jeff Taylor, sowed some doubt in the local team, which, little by little, was acquiring cruising speed in its game, until finishing the first quarter with 19- 16.

An image of Alba Berlin – Real Madrid. EFE

It was in the second act with the leadership of Sergio Llull first and, above all, Rudy Fernández (2 triples without failure and the usual energy and efficiency in defense), later, when Chus Mateo’s Real Madrid put land in the middle on the scoreboard.

The absence of Luke Sikma in the Berliners, together with his inferiority in the rebound, was sapping the energy that Alba Berlin’s Spanish coach, Israel González, wanted to impress on the game, knowing the difficulties his team was going to have.

A basket on his back and at the limit of the possession of Juan Nunez He enlivened the fans, who watched as his team went to the locker room with a considerable advantage, 43-26.

A triple of Anthony Randolph on the first play of the third quarter, which had been denied in the first half, he raised the lead to 20 points, 46-26. And he left the party morally sentenced.

Without the pressure of a tight scoreboard and taking into account, in addition, that it was Real Madrid’s third game in five days and that on Thursday they have to play in Milan and on Sunday in Murcia against UCAM, the Madrid players rationalized the effort, while Mateo distributed minutes so as not to overload his players.

The Alba came close to 60-46 (min. 28.45), a result with which the third act ended and that could open a small loophole in the face of victory.

But with Rudy back at the helm of the team, Real Madrid removed any possible ghost and signed a lackluster victory, but as important as any other, in which Anthony Randolph began to come back on his own with 13 points.

Alba Berlin continues without beating Real Madrid and there are already 11 attempts.


87 – Real Madrid (19 + 24 + 17 + 27): Wiliams-Goss (9), Causeur (3), Randolph (13), Hanga (9) and Tavares (17) -starting team-, Núñez (5), Rudy (14), Vukcevic, Poirier (4), Llull ( 6), Ndiaye (2) and Taylor (5).

64 – Alba Berlin (16 + 10 + 20 + 18): Eriksson (4), Olinde (10), Thiemann (11), Blatt (7) y Lammers (6) -equipo inicial-, Lo (8), Da Silva (2), Smith, Delow (6), Mattisseck (2 ), Schneider (6) y Zoosman (2).

Referees: Mehdi Difallah (FRA), Seffi Shemmesh (ISR) e Ioannis Foufis (GRE). sin

Incidents: Match corresponding to the fifteenth day of the Euroleague played at the Palacio de Deportes (WiZink Center) in Madrid before 5,010 spectators.



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