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Real Madrid: Camavinga’s learning

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Cwhen Eduardo Camavinga debut with goal and assistance against Celta, many dressed him as the undisputed starter of Real Madrid. By then, Kroos He was injured and over Modric the doubt about his ability to endure one more season in a pletric way was hovering over again. The young Frenchman, however, remained calm. “Feet on the ground”, his parents always tell him, now enjoying the success of their son after a life full of obstacles and suffering.

Camavinga, as he himself expected, is not a starter in the Real Madrid. And he doesn’t get nervous about it. The player is doing a master’s degree in his first months at the white club, with Carlo Ancelotti as teacher and with Kroos, Modric and Casemiro as reference companions. The German, the Croatian and the Brazilian are more and more aware of the young. Captains without armbands, endorsed by their experience and number of years at Real Madrid. Along with Benzema they are the ones who rule the changing room, with the permission of a Marcelo who also chirps, but who is already further away from those functions of technically and tactically training his teammates. The Brazilian side is more quartermaster, laughter, good vibes.

1,2,3,4 … and up to 9 goals Camavinga scored in the last training session

The point is that camavinga he does not stop taking note of what they say in Valdebebas. The first on top of him is Ancelotti, who knows the profession of midfielder like few others. Although without a goal, he was one of the best in the world in his position. And Carletto pampers the French while correcting him and trying to instill in him all that is missing. To improve, the pause and the defense. camavinga for now it is sheer force and impudence. He handles his left foot like few players in Madrid, but he still needs to take the big leap. This is how the Italian himself told the footballer, humble to listen and learn.

Lessons from Casemiro, Benzema …

He also gets soaked from his companions on a daily basis. Casemiro is an example of conduct and a professional and is a reference for everyone, starting with camavinga. The French was surprised by the poise of the Brazilian, who handles the midfielder manual to perfection. “It has nothing to do with the player I had in my first stage,” says Ancelotti. Camavinga has realized that he is a player with capital letters and follows him in everything he does.

“He is a very good boy, with a lot of quality and eager to learn,” said de l Benzema shortly after arriving at Real Madrid. Karim He is helping him integrate into the dressing room and giving advice on what the white club is. Nobody better than the ‘9’ of Madrid knows what it is like to arrive at this club so young and is turning to its adaptation. So Camavinga smiles 24 hours a day. He is not overwhelmed by not being a starter. You know where you are and for how many years you have signed. Until June 30, 2027, he stated in the contract that he signed on the last day of August, rejecting the PSG proposal.


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