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Readers’ place | What you want to throw away in 2022

by archysport

Earlier this month, we appealed to our readers to find out what they wanted to throw away in 2022. Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus and its variants top the list … for the second year in a row. Here is an overview of the emails received.

The COVID-19

To throw away and burn: COVID-19 and its variants Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omicron and company to have a blank page to start the new year. What do you think ?

Louiselle Boucher and many readers


Throw away anti-vaccines, which are the source of our problems with COVID-19.

Jean-Francois Gauvin

The baseball

I want to throw baseball in Montreal. This sport is on the decline in the United States, not to mention the need to build a stadium for a half-team. It is too high a risk.

Jean Lelièvre


For 2022, I would like to throw away or eliminate as much plastic as possible. Think about it, since its invention, just about every object made of plastic still exists! And it is even present in our food, at all stages of the food chain. This must end !

Judith Cossette


For 2022, let’s throw away Canadian multiculturalism.

André Brunelle

Do not buy unnecessarily so as not to throw away …

I try not to throw anything away, except when I have no choice. I donate the clothes I no longer wear. I keep the most worn out ones for gardening, doing everyday chores: cleaning, cutting the grass, shoveling, etc. I repair what no longer works: lamps, trimmers, lawn tractor, etc. I am looking to extend their life. So as not to have to throw away, I pay attention to what I buy. There are so many unnecessary items available to us on the market.

Danielle Perrin

A disappointing season

The season for the Montreal Canadiens.

Manon Dagenais


The consumerist delirium of Black Friday and all those celebrations we sell (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.).

Caroline Deveau


Throw away all those SUVs, so greedy, polluting and invasive.

Claude Laporte, Saint-Lambert

Hate online

Throw away: hateful comments on social media.

Nathalie Des Saules

Nuclear weapons

We must get rid of nuclear weapons before anything goes wrong …

Carmen Schaefer

Anything that hinders thinking

We must throw out incivility, rudeness and contempt. But also, intellectual shortcuts, intellectual dishonesty and demagoguery in order to arrive at one’s own conclusions …

Mario De Tilly

Overconsumption (bis)

To throw away: advertising anything that advocates the happiness of overconsumption. All the advertisements of big cars passing through forests, mountains and saying: “That’s happiness …” To be thrown away, and this, definitely.

Dominique Daigneault


The CIUSSS, these abominable creatures without real representation of the community and without taking into account the real needs of the people.

Claude tremblay


To throw away, the English words that infect our beautiful French language, and this, everywhere, even in your newspaper, which I could not do without.

Anne-Marie Grenier


I wish that selfishness, which plagues our society, is thrown away.

Yves Lagace

The third link

Discard the very idea of ​​the third tunnel link in Quebec. Instead of losing half a dozen ridings in the rest of Quebec, the Legault government would lose only four on the South Shore of Quebec.

Jacques Lavallee

The pandemic

First and foremost, throw the pandemic in the trash by turning it into an endemic. How? ‘Or’ What ? By adding booster shots and vaccines all over the world willy-nilly. In this way, we will be able to keep our joie de vivre, which has eroded even more in 2021. In the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful 2022.

Christian Castonguay

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