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‘Racquet Boys’ Seungkwan Boo, thoughts on ending “A happy, dream-like entertainment” : Sports Dong-a

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Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN shared his thoughts on the end of ‘Racquet Boys’.

In the final episode of tvN’s ‘Racquet Boys’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 27th, Seventeen Seungkwan (real name Boo Seungkwan) participated in the national amateur badminton club competition, showing off his high-level badminton skills, and played an ace-like match.

Seung-Kwan Boo and Sang-Wook Oh showed off their perfect chemistry in the first set of the final match, showing off their skills as an ace team. With his solid skills, he succeeded in scoring in succession, and won the first victory of the tournament by playing a hot game that surprised the opposing team as well.

In the first set of the second match, which followed advancing to the quarterfinals, Seung-kwan Boo partnered with Yang Se-chan, an early ace, and played an impressive play that did not spare himself. It was an admirable match, and it was followed by one point over and over again, but unfortunately lost.

Seungkwan Boo said through his agency Pledis Entertainment, “I heard a lot of affection with my brothers and sisters throughout the filming. There seems to be a strong comradeship that sports give. The broadcast ended, but we promised to get together again and play badminton. It was a very, very happy, dream-like entertainment program.”

He added, “Thank you to the staff who have been with us and to everyone who has watched and supported us so far. Thanks to him, I received good energy and was able to work hard and shoot more.”

Seungkwan Boo, who showed his extraordinary love and passion for badminton, impressed the legend coaches with his outstanding badminton skills in ‘Racquet Boys’, and played an active role in the victory by showing accurate techniques, agile attacks, and stable defense like an ace.
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