Public return for young judokas

La Couture-Boussey.
Parents attend their children’s demonstrations.

After two years without being able to do so with the presence of parents, the judokas of the three judo clubs of Anet, La Couture-Boussey and Ézy-sur-Eure challenged each other during their first interclub challenge and unit of value for their passage of rank.

The meeting took place on Wednesday at the Isabelle-Bacon sports complex, in La Couture-Boussey, with a newfound good humor.

100% of the workforce

This double activity, refereed by the black belts of the Alliance: Tiphaine Josse, Maxence Balem and the new promoted from November 2021, Antoine Fungère, was orchestrated by Isabelle Bacon and Michel Bréban, helped by all the juniors and seniors of each club . The event brought together almost 100% of the club membership.

“This enabled parents to follow the progress of our students throughout the day, and they appreciated it,” emphasizes Isabelle Bacon.

The young judokas, chicks and youngest, took over and demonstrated their achievements, through a technical ground test before each fight. For the little ones, it was a theoretical exam in arbitration and the demonstration of Nage No Kata in the form of a ju-jitsu duo and judged by Michel Bréban and Lucie Boudier, vice-champion of France duo ju-jitsu.

Saturday March 20 at the Simca Dojo, in Saussay for the second passage of grades.




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