Home football Premier League: Odegaard 2.0 dribbles to ‘failure’: would it have a place at this level in Madrid?

Premier League: Odegaard 2.0 dribbles to ‘failure’: would it have a place at this level in Madrid?

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Hoh life after Real Madrid. When Martin Odegaard left the White House exactly one year ago, many viewed him as a failure. Not him, and in Valdebebas, neither, Well, at the end of the day, the Madrid entity had a capital gain of 36 million euros with it. It cost (maximum, with variables) about four kilos and went for 40 to the London club.

Arsenal, with Mikel Arteta as coach, are getting the best of Martin in the last month. The Norwegian international, who turned 23 on December 17, has led seven games to an extraordinary level. Arsenal lost the first two to United (scored one goal) and Everton (scored another and received the ‘Man of the Match’ award), but their contribution as a ‘playmaker’ is highlighted by all in the team’s last five victories: Southampton, West Ham, Leeds, Sunderland (Carabao Cup) and Norwich.

Odegaard has an eminently creative role in this new, and very young, Arsenal that is fourth in the Premier after ‘Boxing Day’. Martin, in the various Arteta systems, acts as an interior (at 1-4-1-4-1); hitch (1-4-2-3-1); or behind the striker (1-4-4-1-1). A versatility that has a common denominator: the construction of the game.

Their numbers

The result, in 19 games in all competitions, is four goals, four assists and several nominations in the categories of ‘best player of the match’ and in the ‘best eleven of the week’ of the Premier.

One of the keys to this Odegaard 2.0 is, as they point out from England, being surrounded by players with better footing. The inclusion of the Martinelli, Saka or Smith-Rowe in the ‘gunner’ context makes everything easier for a Martin Odegaard who feels more comfortable in that role than it was in earlier, rougher contexts for the London team.

Arteta’s great compliment: “Odegaard improves the players around him”

Arsenal signed until 2026 a footballer in whom they believed, personalized in Mikel Arteta, when Real Madrid barely offered him continuity. With the white team, he signed a service sheet that, in numbers, is summarized as follows: 11 games in all competitions and zero goals. Zidane did not find an accommodation for him and the club considered him amortized, in numbers, with the aforementioned capital gain.

Madrid, only, as a financial resource, kept a right of first refusal by the player in the event of a future sale of Arsenal. The rest was pure benefit for a player who, after visiting several greats in Europe, decided on Real Madrid thanks to the persistence and tenacity of the negotiator Juni Calafat, head of the club’s international department and official signatory of the latest great discoveries in the White House: Rodrygo, Vinicius, Fede Valverde …

Arteta hallucinates with her ‘lug’

The one who is enjoying the mostThe exhibits that Odegaard has been completing game after game is, without a doubt, his coach and great supporter, Mikel Arteta.

Coach ‘gunner’ ‘put him through the roof again’ after the ‘manita’ al Norwich (0-5): “He is playing fantastically well. He helps us a lot, he makes the team play more together and I am very happy with him.”

He’s playing fantastically well. He helps us a lot, makes the team play more together and I’m very happy with him

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager

“Odegaard was very good against Norwich. A day of great tradition in this country where playing soccer, in this environment, is great, “insisted Arteta.

Leave Madrid

The Norwegian media ‘Viaplayfootball’ recently published a statement by the Nordic midfielder in which he reinforced that idea that leaving the white club was not a bad thing for him: “I feel like it was the right choice when things were the way they were in Madrid. I signed when I was 16 and now was the right time to look to the future. I thought this was the perfect club for me, “said the footballer.

I feel like I made the right choice when things were the way they were in Madrid. I signed when I was 16 and now was the right time to look to the future

Martin Odegaard, Arsenal player

Arsenal, meanwhile, enjoy a player with whom they want to re-establish themselves in the noble part of the standings, and not forget about a Champions League that has resisted them in recent times. For now, with Arteta in front and a very recognizable eleven, the ‘Gunners’ are installed in fourth place with six more points, although three more crashes as well, than Tottenham.

It is, gentlemen lovers of the Premier, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal 2.0 with the sharpest Odegaard 2.0 in playmaking. There is life outside of Real Madrid.


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