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“Pray for me”: the disturbing tweets of Shareef O’Neal

by archysport

In the hard for many weeks, Shareef O’Neal once again worried his fans recently. The Shaq’s son’s tweets before his medical exams were scary… Luckily for him, he got some great news in the end.

For the moment, it cannot be said that Shareef O’Neal’s career is heading in the same direction as his father. Even changing universities, moving from UCLA to LSU, the interior cannot put one foot in front of the other… Literally, since he has been on the sidelines since last summer following a broken foot. He had to be auscultated recently, in order to judge the progress of his convalescence. What seriously make him sweat, as he ‘showed on Twitter:

Pray for me all! I’m having a scan tomorrow, hoping I’m cleared to play the rest of the season. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤟🏾

Shareef O’Neal worried about his medical exams … then reassured

Awaiting results 🙏🏾

Obviously, we could be worried about Shaq’s son, whose future ball in hand has seriously darkened since he was in the NCAA. A negative feedback from the medical staff of his university could also have had disastrous consequences for his career. Fortunately for him, the conclusions were rather encouraging: not yet fully recovered, he can however aim for a return by the end of December.

I appreciate everyone’s prayers for me! ❤️🙏🏾, I was not completely allowed to replay, but I have made a lot of progress. I have to stay on the bench for a few more weeks! I’ll be fine ❤️ thanks guys for the positive posts. I’ll be back soon and better than ever. I am aiming for the end of year celebrations.

Good news for Shareef O’Neal, he will have another chance to show his worth at LSU this season. not sure, however, that it helps him make the leap to the big league, given his heavy injury liability …

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