Player sales, sponsors, trophies – that’s why Saarbrücken masters Corona – football

The Corona year 2021 has shaken many football clubs in Germany badly.

Also 1. FC Saarbrücken, which lost a lot of money because of the ghost games last season, the current audience restrictions …

And yet: The FCS mastered the crisis well for various reasons.

Foto: picture alliance / foto2press

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Marin Sverko was given to the Dutch first division club Groningen for 400,000 eurosFoto: picture alliance / foto2press

► Player sales.

Sports director Jürgen Luginger (54) says: “We had – and which third division team can claim that – half a million euros in transfer income after the last season.”

This can be traced back to two players by name: Nicklas Shipnoski (23), who moved to second division Fortuna Düsseldorf for the fixed transfer fee of 120,000 euros. And Marin Sverko (23), whom Holland’s first division club Groningen had for 400,000 euros.

► Main sponsor.

FCS President and patron Hartmut Ostermann (70) had decided early on that short-time work should not be requested for any employee. That gave the club and its employees security, Ostermann remained loyal with full commitment even in times of crisis.

► Cup earnings.

The FCS earned six million euros from the cup fairy tale 2020 in the DFB Cup, when they were the first fourth division to reach the semi-finals, but then lost 3-0 to Leverkusen in the first ghost game. Even then, treasurer Dieter Weller (58) cheered: “The club is debt-free in one fell swoop.” After all player bonuses were distributed, the money was not squandered directly, but rather put on the high edge. So the FCS still has the opportunity to make investments.

Uwe Koschinat ging mit 33 Punkten in die Rückrunde. Drei mehr, als Vorgänger Lukas Kwasniok zum gleichen Zeitpunkt der Vor-SaisonFoto: Getty Images,

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Uwe Koschinat went into the second half of the season with 33 points. Three more than Lukas Kwasniok’s predecessor at the same time in the pre-seasonFoto: Getty Images,

► Athletic success.

The change of coach from Lukas Kwasniok (40) to Uwe Koschinat (50) brought no change, at least in terms of sport. With 33 points after the preliminary round, Koschinat was even three points better than his predecessor. There are clubs that had to suffer more from Corona …



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