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place for the Basque all-star game

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By Thomas Villepreux – [email protected]

This December 29, the haspandar club is hosting the very first “Euskal star game” in the Basque Country. It will bring together the best players from local clubs

The best basketball players from the French Basque Country will set foot on the floor of Hasparren this Wednesday, December 29 (1). This is a first, baptized “Euskal star game” (in reference to the All star game of NBA) by the haspandar club. “This event represents the unique opportunity to bring together all the clubs in the area (2), to strengthen ties and offer a great moment to basketball lovers”, announces Patxi Vrignon, of the organizing committee. “We have prepared a rhythmic evening. I hope the public will respond. “

Hired by the haspandar club in 2020, in civic service, Maddi Larre is the conductor of this gala evening, initially scheduled last year … But postponed by the Covid. Now a student in Nice, she continued to lead the organization of this big party from a distance. On the menu: two matches for the best senior female and male seniors, selected from each of the eleven Basque clubs. “In the United States, the five major is the business of the coaches, while the public chooses the replacements, continues Patxi Vrignon. Here we have done it more simply, asking clubs to send their top four players: two girls and two boys. “

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It must be said that the local stars do not yet enjoy the notoriety of a LeBron James, a Rudy Gobert or even the Tarbaise de Basket Landes Céline Dumerc. Here, the sturdiest men’s team (Urcuit) is playing in Regional 1, while the most illustrious women’s club (Anglet) is sailing in National 2. However, this absence of stars will not prevent a high level show, proposed according to the American formula of the East and West conferences. “Here, the teams from the Coast will meet those from the interior Basque Country. “

Entertainment galore

Since the clubs are mixed in this way, so are the levels. What will not obstruct the “show”, according to the co-organizer: “A good player of Departmental 2 will not be without benchmarks facing, or alongside, a player of Regional 1.”

As in the NBA, it will also be impossible to get bored during time-outs and between quarters. Because beyond the refreshment bar and the food stand, the haspandar club has planned a band, free run interventions (acrobatics in urban space, Yamakasi type), a three-point shoot competition and other spectacular events. “The proceeds from this evening will be used to reimburse the costs advanced by the organization,” continues Patxi Vrignon. I hope this event will come back every year and gradually gain strength. It would be good if he made other clubs want to welcome him, in turn. “

Until then, make way for the trigger-happy people and acrobats of the Basque parquet floors, from 6.30 p.m., in Hasparren.

(1) Doors open at 6.30 p.m. at the Mendeala gymnasium. Match girls at 7 p.m. and boys at 9 p.m. Entrance at 5 euros and free for children under 7 years old.

(2) The French Basque Country has eleven clubs in Hendaye, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Biarritz, Anglet, Bayonne, Ascain, Urcuit, Hasparren, Same, Saint-Palais and Gotein-Libarrenx.

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