Pinar Karsiyaka-Galatasaray Nef match result: 73-67 – Basketball News

Pınar Karşıyaka, who lost her place at the top of the ING Basketball Super League with 2 losses in the last 3 games, beat Galatasaray Nef at home and started the exit. Colson contributed to the victory with 19 points in the match played in front of the crowded stands at Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Karşıyaka Sports Hall. Referees made 2 announcements in the match due to the bad and ugly cheers of the stands. With this score, Karşıyaka achieved its 8th win in 11 matches, while Galatasaray had 7 wins.

At the beginning of the match, Galatasaray dominated Karşıyaka under the rim and caught a 12-5 series. Responding to the host, who was trying to be a partner in the game with Yunus, the guest team increased the difference up to 9 points. The first period is finished 23-17. Pınar Karşıyaka, who started to close the gap with Taylor’s intervention in the second period, brought the score to 35-34 with Blackmon’s three pointer with 3 minutes 38 seconds before the end of the half and then equalized 35-35 with Colson’s free throw.

Again, Colson’s leading 37-35 in the last 48 seconds of the layup, finished the first half ahead 41-37 with Yunus’s 3-pointer. At the end of the third period, which was contentious with mutual baskets, the fourth period started with the 55-52 superiority of Karşıyaka.

Entering the last 5 minutes in the fourth quarter, Galatasaray brought the score to 64-63 with Bost and reduced the lead to 1 point, but Karşıyaka, who had a 6-point streak with Taylor, M’Baye and Colson, regained the 7-point advantage with 9 seconds left in 3 minutes. The host, who did not make any mistakes in the last moments, won the hall 73-67.

HALL: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

REFEREES: Erşan Kartal (xx), Fatih Arslanoğlu (xx), Tolga Edis (xx)

PINAR KARŞIYAKA: Taylor (xxx) 13, Yunus (xxx) 8, Colson (xxx) 19, M’Baye (xxx) 10, Mahir (xx) 6, Blackmon (xx) 4, Tyus (xx) 4, Berkan (xxx) 8, Can Korkmaz (x) 1

GALATASARAY NEF: Bost (xx) 8, Trimble (xxx) 9, Aegean (xx) 5, Blackshear (xxx) 21, Purcell (xxx) 12, Okben (x) 2, Kravish (xx) 6, Göksenin (x) 3 , Sadik Emir (x) 1, Ridvan (x)

1st PERIOD: 17-23


3rd PERIOD: 55-52

5 FOUL: Mahir (35.16) (Pinar Karşıyaka)





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