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Philippe Coutinho made a reason to leave FC Barcelona

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The trouble, it’s well known, it flies squadron. In addition to the many cases of covid-19 detected in recent hours, forcing Xavi to have to call novices to go and challenge Mallorca in 3 days, Ousmane Dembélé should not extend to Barça. The Frenchman wants to leave in the face of the club’s weak economic proposition, which had recruited him € 120m (in addition to a bonus) in 2017. This famous transfer window which saw the arrival of the winger, not yet world champion, and of Philippe Coutinho to replace Neymar.

Looking back, the Brazilian is not a success either. He had been bought for 135 M € in Liverpool with the hope that he would be one of the technical leaders, and why not even become a little more than a lieutenant of Lionel Messi. But time has passed, a loan not really convincing to Bayern Munich (in 2019/2020) and injuries have followed and now the midfielder has become a financial burden more than anything else. For more than a year, he has even been invited to leave in order to free up payroll.

Coutinho wants to revive to compete in the World Cup

This one was not really that hot. It must be said that he did not play at all last season because of a tear in the meniscus, forcing him to stop from December to August. Since then, the 29-year-old Brazilian international (63 caps, 18 goals) has recovered a bit, but his performances still lacked consistency and consistency. The arrival of Xavi on the bench did not really help his situation since Coutinho, under contract until 2023, even saw young Gavi and Nico pass him in front of the hierarchy.

According to Sports world, he made his decision. Seeing his horizon blocked, he resolved to leave this winter in case of a good offer because he wants to keep his chances of playing in the World Cup in Qatar in a year. And for that, you need playing time. Barça did not expect so much. On top of that, the playmaker has no shortage of courtiers, especially in the Premier League. This is good because he would see himself returning to England where he had the peak of his career with the Reds. If Newcastle do not really interest him, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton have his favors. UOL also speaks of a possible return to Brazil during the next semester, Atlético Mineiro and Palmeiras have even inquired.

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