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Pep Guardiola would lead New York City FC when leaving Manchester City

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Ronny Deila today has made history with New York City FC and not only for having a top scorer such as the Golden Boot in Valentin CastellanosBut for leading the franchise to its longest run in a preseason. Lhe City Group members are in their first conference final since joining MLS in 2015, but with all the success, the Norwegian coach could already have a replacement within a couple of seasons.

Unlike the synergy that exists with the Red Bull teams, the City Group teams have been more independent in terms of the transfer of players and the passage of their coaches through the different benches. However, there is a possibility that that will change in the coming years, since the last words of Pep Guardiola have hinted at what is to come after finishing his time with Manchester City.

“I think I will always be with Manchester City. If I had to go back, I would go back to Manchester if they want to. I don’t think I’m going to coach any other club in England; I am part of this club“, commented the Spaniard, who has a contract until 2023 and, after this, his destiny could be on the other side of the Atlantic.

The latest report from Chris Smith and Graeme Bailey for 90min points out that already Actions have been started so that, once this period is reached, Guardiola goes on to direct New York City and this is not a stranger to the institution or the city. After leaving Barcelona, ​​they took a year off from Barcelona and recently praised the group’s work to build 50 fields around the city. There, one more proof of his affection for the city and the possibility of this becoming a reality.

“I have said it for many years, I believe there is an incredible future for US soccer and incredible projects like this will be key in helping to produce the next generation of young talent,” Guardiola said. “I’ve spent a lot of my career in New York. It is a city that I love very much and, over the years, I have been fortunate to see the passion for football up close of New Yorkers. “

Other figure relationships with New York City FC

In addition to Guardiola arriving at the club at the time, this is not the only big name that has passed through the club. On the court we have the story of David Villa, Andrea Pirlo and also Patrick Viera, who not only served on the pitch but also as an executive in New York City FC’s development program. Dome Torrent was also one of these having been Guardiola’s assistant.

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