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Packers take advantage of Baker Mayfield mistakes to defeat Browns

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In a division as inconsistent as the AFC North, the Browns required a victory at Lambeau Field to jump into the divisional title fight. Nevertheless, Baker Mayfield dressed as Santa Claus and with four presents on the Green Bay defense he sentenced the game by a score of 24-22 in favor of the Packers.

Although the Browns threatened to give one of the surprises of the season with an inaugural offense that concluded with the one-yard rushing touchdown by Nick Chubb (bonus point not made by rookie Chris Naggar).

However, one of the villains of the game for Cleveland, Baker Mayfield (21 of 36, 222 yards, two touchdowns, four turnovers), suffered the first of three interceptions in the Browns’ next attack. Product of the exchange of the ball, los Packers took the lead with an 11-yard flyover between Aaron Rodgers (24 of 34, 202 yards, two touchdowns) y Allen Lazard.

With this touchdown pass, Rodgers broke the tie with Brett Favre and became quarterback with the most touchdown passes in Packers history (445).

You might think Mayfield learned from his mistake, but the reality was the exact opposite and the Oklahoma graduate was intercepted a second time. Rodgers, grateful for the Christmas gift, the difference grew with a nine-yard spiral that Davante Adams took down in the end zone.

The Browns, in need of a win to aspire to the playoffs, pressed the slate con a one-yard pass Harrison Bryant caught in the promised land. A possible tie was diluted due to the failed two-point conversion.

But Mayfield still wasn’t finished with the handouts and in his last impression of Santa Claus on the night he handed the ball over for the third time. In the twilight of the first half, Green Bay broke to nine points on Rogers’ third TD pass ─second combination of six points with Adams.

Second half

The Packers entered the third quarter hungry for points, but the los Browns took advantage of the break to adjust and they only tolerated a field goal from Mason Crosby (32 yards).

Little by little Cleveland began to tip the balance in his favor and after Naggar to score his first professional points (37-yard FG), forced a pair of punts that gave hope of a comeback with a 76-yard offense that culminated in Anthony Schwartz’s first touchdown.

In the final stretch of the engagement, after tying Rodgers again, the Browns began their way to the comeback, but Mayfield took it upon himself to bury all possibility with his fourth interception of the game.

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