Óscar Ruggeri: ‘Hugo Sánchez was talkative and rivals wanted to kill him’

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Oscar Ruggeri, former Argentine footballer, who coincided with Hugo Sánchez at Real Madrid and América in the eighties, revealed new details of the personality of the Pentapichichi what brought him problems with the opposing team’s players, to such a degree that his companions had to defend him.

In conversation with the ESPN F90 program, the former coach chose Hugol as one of the forwards he would have liked to have on his team, but he also confessed why the historic Mexican player he was hated by many of his rivals.

“I had to play with Hugo Sánchez in favor, at Madrid and at América, it was a pleasure to play with Hugo Sánchez. We had to defend him because they wanted to hit him all“said Ruggeri, who when asked about the reason specified:” (He spoke) terribly, I used to mine you in a way, the atrocities that I have heard. To the central rival he said: ‘You, who are you? I have you, I have you, you worked on TV ‘, and everyone came out who wanted to kill him, we had to defend him“.

‘Hugo combed his hair for an hour’

It is not the first time Óscar Ruggeri reveals some details of his relationship with Hugo Sanchez, because a few weeks ago, the former player assured that he had a problem with the Mexican upon his arrival at Real Madrid, and confessed that the Pentapichichi spent a long time in front of the mirror before going out to play.

“I entered the Real one quietly because Hugo Sanchez I don’t know what he yelled at me. Sudaca told me, he received me like this. We started like this. I tell him: ‘And where are you from? Mexico. Where you come from?‘. Now we are still talking to Pichichi. Then he scored goals, a crack, “he said.

He combed his hair, spent an hour in the mirror. I would go and say: ‘Do you comb your hair so much?’ Chinese for Chinese he combed his hair before going out (to the field), “Ruggeri added about Hugol.




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