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On the ball | Baseball is a hitting poem

by archysport

In the beginning of time, people were anguished trying to invent the sport. They really needed it. The sport was ahead of Esperanto. The world without sports would be like life without music. Sports people are meeting in permanent convention all over the world. In baseball the man scores, in other sports, the ball. Who best talks about baseball is the ball. When Papa Dios doesn’t want to watch baseball, it rains.

The rookie makes his way through the tracks left by the veterans. There is still a terrible discrimination … They never play with black balls. The narrator recounts what he sees, and his listeners guess what he feels. Television takes baseball out of the stadium and into the world for a ride. When the pitcher drops the ball, the target begins. The high and inside fastball has heavyweight boxing danger.

As the ball comes and goes, the chief umpire rests. Umpires have to be perfect on the opening day of the season, and then improve with each game. In movies and soap operas, villains are essential, in baseball umpires are essential. The ball flies home run driven by the energy that causes the scandal of the public. Every run scored is a step towards happiness.

When they hit triple, everyone on the field is in a hurry. The ground balls are embroidering the infield. During the double play the action is a ballet with music in fast motion. Triple play!… I mean, everyone out !.

The foul is a ball that is afraid of the fielders. For players, the crowd is the same as jet fuel.

The fans are bees from a honeycomb called a playing field. The stadium is a monster that swallows fans, processes them, digests them, lets them have fun, and then at three or four hours, expels them. Major League Baseball fields are the largest spittoons in the world. When you go to baseball every day, the weeks are seven Sundays.

If you behave in the stadium, they play a few extra innings. The official scorer is the unknown historian. The pitcher and the catcher, like the priest and the altar boy, must never get angry. The ball game is a mass without priests. The National Flag in the stadium symbolizes the happy homeland because sports are played. Each inning is a story that no one suspected. Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso would have been good bigleaguers.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you

Attention.- I invite you to read the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota” on the internet, for “sport brings us together again”.

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