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November decreases travelers and nights in hotels in Huelva

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The tourism sector continues to close official data for a year that improves the tragic 2020 but that is not even close to a takeoff of this economic segment in terms of pre-pandemic. Just summer It left notable figures in the hotels of the Huelva territory compared to those obtained in the summer season of 2019. The improvement in the sanitary field caused a positive report for employers and all tourist workers.

However, the passage of the months has been decreasing the number of travelers with respect to the year 2019 – 2020 was totally lost and negative -, although the more or less normalized operation has continued in this corner of the south west. Plus, you have to add that several hotel establishments have remained open for more weeks than usual thanks to the celebration of the Senior and Absolute Badminton World Cup in the capital. Places that will be reflected in the December data, which will be official at the end of next month.

With regard to November, tourist data follow the trail left by October in the province of Huelva, losing between 7,000 and 8,000 travelers compared to the same period of time you do two exercises. Thus, this past November Huelva lost a total of 7,703 tourists, which it did obtain in November 2019. In this way, as reflected in the figures of the National Institute of Statistics, the province of Huelva received 29,179 visitors during this past November, while in 2019 they were 36,882.

There may be multiple reasons to analyze this decline, although the main one is that we are still in the midst of a pandemic and the variability is constant due to multiple factors. Thus, last minute reservations and cancellations play an important role in this scenario. The reference is almost entirely to the national tourist since it is the one that agglutinates the large percentage of the Huelva numbers. You also have to take into account the pandemic situation in each specific territory, since even without specific restrictive measures, it can be decisive whether or not a traveler comes to the province of Huelva. As a data, in the month of November, active cases doubled in the Huelva territory, going from 583 to 1,012.

Refering to origin Of the national tourists, Andalusia took the vast majority of the origins. Thus, almost seven out of ten visitors came from other parts of the region. Specifically, it was 69.72%, more than 16,700 people of the 24,042 Spaniards who chose the province of Huelva to stay in hotels during the month of November. Andalusia grew in this way since in 2019, it represented 62% of the visitors to the Huelva territory. This past November there was also 7.7% from Madrid and 3.03% from Extremadura among other majority communities.

The decrease in visitors to Huelva was a direct consequence of a drop in the overnight stays up to 37.68%. More specifically, the number of nights fell, compared to what was registered in 2019, from 111,692 to 69,607.

On the other hand, the average stay This past November was 2.39 days, which ended up being the second highest in Andalusia, only behind Malaga. Of course, this figure has dropped, as is logical, with what was accounted for in the 2019 financial year. At that time, the average stay exceeded 3 days (3.03). Even so, and as previously indicated, this year is not approaching a minimal recovery in the sector and normality has not been established due to the pandemic. These reasons somehow support that the number of available places in the Huelva territory continues to be much lower than that recorded a couple of years ago. There are almost 3,000 fewer places. While this past November there were 6,932 places available, in the same period of time in 2019, there were a total of 9,944. Even so, the number of hotel establishments was practically the same 111 by 114. Finally, the occupation that was registered, according to the National Institute of Statistics, was 33.42% this November, about four points less than in 2019.


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