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NHL reduces quarantine for symptom-free players

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Like the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League (NHL) has reduced the quarantine period for players who have tested positive for CoV and who are symptom-free. Affected professionals only have to go into quarantine for five days instead of the previous ten, said the NHL. It follows the new guidelines of the US health authority CDC.

After leaving the quarantine, the players will still have to take into account a mask requirement of five days. However, the situation in the NHL is more complicated than in the NFL and NBA: There are seven teams active in Canada, where stricter quarantine regulations still apply.

The NHL was also recently affected by many CoV cases. The league had therefore canceled many games and put the game on hold over the Christmas holidays. The first teams returned to the ice on Tuesday (local time). The Dallas Stars are still on pause. At the beginning of the week, eight players from the club – among them Michael Raffl – were in the league’s CoV protocol. Three more professionals joined on Wednesday. The next game of the stars is scheduled for January 2nd.

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