NFL: Bucs lose historically – Tom Brady destroys tablet out of frustration

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Brady smashes his tablet out of anger over the historic debacle

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady had a black evening against the New Orleans Saints – and could not hide his anger on the sidelines

Source: AFP / Mike Ehrmann

Tom Brady loses with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to New Orleans. The superstar is experiencing a debacle like seldom before in his career. Shortly before the end of the game, the 44-year-old’s frustration suddenly dissolves. Cameras capture the scene.

ÜExtremely successful athletes such as Tom Brady, whose career in the NFL is characterized by records, have one disadvantage: Due to their rarity, slip-ups quickly take on historic proportions. This is what happened to the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against New Orleans.

Brady and his team lost 9-0 in the home game against the Saints. A debacle that the 44-year-old superstar had only experienced twice before in his career. A long streak also ended for Brady.

“I don’t think we did anything particularly well tonight,” said Brady, who was knocked down four times by opposing defenders, stated contrite. “I wish it was only one thing. But there were many things, ”the quarterback continued. “We have to get better in every facet of the offensive to score points. We won’t win if we don’t score. “

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New Orleans went into halftime with a 6-0 lead thanks to two field goals from kicker Brett Maher. In the further course of the game, the Buccaneers had to cope with the injuries of wide receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. Brady missed two of his most important pass points due to the failures.

Brady destroys tablet

After another successful field goal in the middle of the final quarter, New Orleans led 9-0. By then, NFL statisticians were preparing for Brady’s historic debacle. After CJ Gardner-Johnson intercepted a pass from the superstar 3:40 minutes before the end, there was certainty. It was only the third time in his career that Brady’s team went without points. Previously this had only happened to him in Buffalo in 2003 and in Miami in 2006. It was also his first zero number in front of a home crowd.

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Brady, known for his pronounced ambition and perfectionism, let his frustration run free after the last bad pass. Sitting on the players bench, he threw his tablet into a device case on the sidelines, which broke it. The TV cameras caught the quarterback swearing loudly at the Saints coach. Brady’s streak of 255 straight points came to an end for Brady.

“It was very disappointing. That has never happened to me. I can’t remember the last time I was turned off, ”said Bruce Arians. The Buccaneers coach was primarily concerned about the health of his players. Depending on the outcome of the rest of the day’s games, Tampa Bay could have its ticket to the playoffs safe despite the debacle.

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